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One tends to think of light as something constant, unchanged over time. This is true in some sense of the word - but the way we create light around us is ever evolving, creating light sources that show new characteristics when compared to those commonly used.

LED is one of the harbingers of the future - a technology that has evolved immensely in the past decade, applied in more and more areas in everyday situations, delivering light with higher efficiency, in new spectrums. Our creators have worked fanatically to develop our custom-made LEDs, which deliver superior performance, yet boast incredibly slim outlines, enabling us to apply them in confined spaces within the often sleek, graceful designs that were born in the minds of our designers. We have devoted ourselves to update our approach to future technologies, and bring them into today’s objects.

Beside our constant strive towards innovation, we respect and believe in traditional forms, shapes and materials – delivering both intellectual appeal and emotional content. Using materials tailor-made for us, we find ever-new sources to feed our imagination in the process of creation. We take great pride in the amount of care and attention that we put into these elements, designing technical solutions and discovering new applications.

Instinctive desire drives us to make spaces remarkable with our designs. While designing our items, we kept one core thought - every person wishes to leave their mark on the world, and shape the spaces that surround them. It is our duty as designers to complement lives, and give tools into the hands of creators to make their space complete.

Ray floor lamp from Inarchi

What is the result? A beautiful duet of rationality and emotion. Objects that radiate both conceptuality and freedom. We’ll show you. Lights on!


 Cutler  |    Sept. 29, 2016, 2:50 p.m.

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