10 Luxurious Living Room Sofa Design Styles In 2019


What is your decorating style? We have all kinds of designs and styles of sofa sets for living and family room. The most luxurious sofas, lounges, couches, 2 Seater, 3 seater mid-century, modern, contemporary, or traditional made with white chenille, suede, tufted sofa fabrics. For a large family room or a small apartment style living room sofa.

Designed by best of designers and manufactured and fabricated with utmost quality control. These timeless sofa sets will last for many years and create the comfortable living in your homes.

3 Seater living room sofa with indigo blue cushions matched with the large ottoman with tufted indigo blue velvet fabric will create a contemporary yet luxurious look in any living room.

Large tufted beige fabric sofa works like a daybed in a study room or large studio apartment by the window. A most practical solution for any small family or a single person.

Cranberry, purple or violets are shades of luxury. This purple couch can create an ambience of comfort and luxury in any living room. Purple high arm rest sofa can be kept in a small room if added with accessories with the touch of gold and shades of gray.

Pit style sofa sets for large family room or grand room. Ideal for large gatherings. Simple shades of beige, ivory make the room look even larger. This style can be created by adding 2 to 4 sectional sofas depending on the availability of space in your living room. Add colorful cushions in the shade of red, orange on these sectional family room sofas. Add a traditional or modern rug could be bought from designer's favorite online store Rugknots.

Braabbu black curved suede, velvet fabric living room sofas can be used in any rooms, hotel or reception area.

Black and white geometric pattern silk fabric living room sofa added with single arm chairs in chocolate brings the eclectic design to this living room.

Suede living room sofa

Living room couch. Large fabric three seater sofa in velvet green is adorned with KAAMOS round mirror on the wall is the ultimate luxury you can possibly have.

In heaven like in earth, male or female shouldn't be solitary and that is why MAYA 2 seater sofa was born - to be the perfect place in a living room set where two unique beings could meet and live in perfect harmony involved by the sweetness of this velvet sofa. As MAYA armchair, its green/lime color was taken from one of the primary elements of Mayans culture, the maize. Represented as a tree of life in Palenque, Maya's Maize God was also personified as woman. MAYA 2 seater sofa has the sensual and delicate forms of the feminine being and the strength of a tree of life; this combination makes it the perfect center piece for every living room set.

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