Wallcovering with custom mural print


This is grapic file for digital print (max size 3x2 m with 150 dpi). Can be used for wallcovering as mural print. For additional wallpaper are available texture patterns 50x100 cm, 300dpi). Every design should be tailored to your interior design project and customized by colours, etc. Cooperations are welcome.

Another available design "Mandel butterfly" - this is repetitive motive - that means can be used for digitaly printed wallpapers or textile patterns. One tile should be printed in 1x1.6 m size (120 dpi) - or less ofcourse.

This collection has meny alternatives. Was born as 3D model and redesigned into vectors - it has advantage for no size printing limits. (It is no more available for licencing in USA and Canada - rights has now 4walls company). More alternatives are on my website.

This is one of color options of large graphic file "Theater curtain" for digital print (max size 5x3 m with 120 dpi). Can be used for wallcovering as mural print.

Collection "Baroque panels" for digital print. Can be used for wallcovering as mural print. Now I complete redesign this tnto vectors for scalable prints with any dimensions. Available are 12 color options.

New collection PEONIES - detailed painting of traditional bold floral theme. On my website you can see more color variants. Full resolution size is 30000 x 17000 px .. can be printed on size 500 x 280 cm (150 dpi).



Aakash Prasad



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