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Murphy beds also known as the wall bed, hidden bed, hideaway bed or fold away bed are utilized for space-saving purposes, and are popular where floor space is comparatively less such as studio apartments. Hence, it is important to concentrate on the lesser discussed part, the involvement of the overall decor in uplifting these Murphy beds and not just use it as a space saver furniture, but also as a prop that adds drama to the overall decor.

Different Styles of Murphy Beds

Wall Bed Hidden in Storage Unit

Planning to get a studio apartment designed for a homeowner who just loves reading or collecting artifacts and exhibiting it, this concept is the perfect one for them! A wall cabinet with four divisions, whose center, two walls can be slid out effortlessly, to open the bed outward to lay on the limited floor space.

Lift Away Wall Bed in Nook Style

Imagine getting a corner for oneself that too in a condominium apartment. A space to enjoy the coffee by the window side or a space that one can tag as the tiny home office with the breakfast nook?
It is definitely possible with the inclusion of these hideaway beds, comforter, pillow, sheets. A construction that seamlessly disappears the bed right away into the wall, leaving behind a simple clutter free wall.

Bi - Fold Murphy Bed - An Extra Space Provider

Any furniture set that provides extra space is always the first preference of any homeowners, and when it comes to a small home designs, space management is vital along with aesthetic value. Hence the use of a six division wall unit that when overlapped to the side, provides the room a comfortable bed along with bedside cabinets, which gives the studio apartment a feel of a separate bedroom.

Single Studio Apartment Murphy Bed

Space saver furniture - Safety v's comfort
Though these convertible furniture makes the space livable and trendy, it is equally important to concentrate on the safety side. Make sure to get the safety lock system installed to enjoy the safety option. It is basically a key lock system positioned on each side of the bed, which are out of the children's reach. As this system is safe and secure, it will prevent the bed from opening, unless one wants to open it. A perfect way to childproof the home Add an elegant comforter, for your Wall Beds, Murphy Bed, Regular Full/Queen or King size Beds.

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