5 Ways to Create Your Bedroom More Romantic


The bedroom is one of the rooms in your home where the words comfort and relaxation take on their full meaning. In addition to inviting you to rest, this place should be cozy in order for you to want to return to it every night. The romantic style, besides all this, gives you the possibility to create a fantastic environment. It is not that difficult to transform a simple room into a love nest. The furnishings, accessories, fabrics and colors of romantic inspiration, wallpapers in pastel shades, decorated lamps, cushions with lace, etc. - everything has its place and plays its role in a romantic room.

Choose colors that soothe

The first factor to consider when creating a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom is the color of the walls. Colors should remind you of love, such as red or pink. However, you can also target a color that would be able to bring a touch of elegance combined with a warm feeling thus providing a welcoming and a dreamy environment. But if you like the colors to be bolder and want to give a personal touch, you could paint the walls in pastel shades of green, blue or purple.

Choose the right window blinds

With window blinds that are high and wide, you could transform the look of the whole room with almost no effort. Blinds that are a bit below the ceiling can create the effect of bigger windows and, therefore, the taller ceiling. Thanks to this little trick, the whole room feels brighter and more spacious. You can also buy custom blinds online and find something that perfectly suits your personality and idea of the romantic bedroom.

Use decorations to remind you of special memories

Small details can make the difference in a relationship, so make sure you do not forget those little touches of romance in your bedroom. Of course, you should avoid clutter at all costs, but a picture of you and your partner in a nice and delicate frame, a vase or a figurine that remind you of a trip together, or any other strategically placed souvenir that brings back the best and most romantic memories would go great with the whole romantic style of the bedroom.

Use comfortable linens

Nice linens are perhaps most important when it comes to decorating the room romantic. Choose one that is pleasant to the touch and place it on the bed like they do it in hotels. Accessories are essential to complete the romantic decor and quality bedding can make a big difference. Cozy beds with soft duvets and blankets, pillows and crisp white sheets create a perfect romantic retreat.

Burn candles in your favorite scent

Scented candles are a good way to add the pleasant smell to the bedroom. It is wise to try them first and check whether they smell the way you want and not too strongly. The idea is that the scent is gentle but clear. It is nice when your linens are also scented so get a perfumed fabric softener. Electric fragrance dispensers with fillings are a good substitute for scented candles. Again, do not overdo it! Do not mix fragrances, stick to one. Headaches caused by excessive smells are not very romantic.

For some, romance is synonymous with the sea, fluttering curtains, the pine trees and the sound of the crashing waves, while for others romance is a French boudoir of neutral colors and the scent of jasmine. The point is that whatever you find romantic, you can use it in your bedroom.

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