Shipping Container Homes


Once they heralded a revolution in the way goods were transported across the world. Then they became a standard and nobody really had a need to point out how cool they were. When they came back into the spotlight, it was for a completely different, rather unexpected reason - they became places to live in!

By now you have probably figured out we are talking about shipping containers. Being a cheap and practical way of transport, containers were often purchased by companies for a one way trip across the sea. Once they completed their mission, they would be left at the port to rust. This used to go on for some time until someone inventive recognize that they can also be affordable material which is best for construction . Once it was out, the idea spread like a wildfire.

The Benefits

First of all, yes, they are very cheap. Nevertheless, don’t confuse cheap with cheap looking. The beauty you can see here was made with just a little help of traditional building materials, but its big windows and spacious looking, well lit rooms in combination with a wonderfully artistic design make De Maria Design Redondo Beach House a treat to look at.

Another thing about shipping containers is that they are eco friendly. By deciding to live in a shipping container you effectively eliminate the need for that container to be melted (which would leave a strong carbon footprint). Now, imagine applying this idea to a residential block! This is precisely what the minds behind Container City II were thinking when they made this good looking 5 level beast which hosts 22 studio apartments.

Shipping Container Homes

The third immediately visible benefit of a shipping container is that it doesn’t require a lot of space to set up, plus, it can be moved around easily. Consider this wonderful, cosy looking guest house It packs everything a house should have and then some - it has a spacious porch and a garden on top!

Shipping Container Homes

The Drawbacks

The drawbacks of shipping containers are mostly limited to the phase before you actually move in, and can be completely ignored if you approach the whole project with care.

Shipping Container Homes

The biggest drawback is that you need to put in some effort if you want to make them comfortable. After all, a container is nothing but a bunch of metal sheets welded on a metal frame. To instill some life into it, you will need to think about proper utilization of space and, of course decoration.

Shipping Container HomesLack of insulation (containers can become ovens in summer!) is also a big problem which you can easily put behind by thinking out of the box. This fairy-tale looking house, for instance, solved the problem of the roof’s exposure to sun by planting a lawn on top!

Shipping Container Homes

This one was a little more conventional in the approach - the planks look stylish, but they are useful above everything else.

Lastly, if you are buying a used container, make sure to inspect it first - they are prone to rust, especially if they were left exposed to elements for too long. And after you make a purchase, protect it with a couple of layers of anti-corrosion coating. You’ll need it to last for a long time.

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