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Many homeowners do not have a 'formal' mudroom space that functions as a utility area, an organization area for clutter and/or a spot where removal of wet clothing in parts of the country with inclement weather takes place.
A mudroom is typically a back or secondary entrance. That doesn't mean we can't get creative and snatch an area from an existing space in our home if our plan has been well thought out and make great use of any small space we've already got! If designed carefully, even the smallest of mudroom spaces can potentially add function and value to our home. Consider what you will be using the space for, then get to work!!

Interior designers state that expensive built-ins are great but not necessary to add effective storage to the mudroom area. If the budget allows for a custom bench area, consider a bench that opens to allow for more storage in an area with limited space.

Even an ordinary bench (can be built in or purchased at a local flea market, yard sale or discount store). Instead of going to the expense of designing costly drawers, consider adding some simple shelving and baskets to hide clutter. These can be easily partnered with some sturdy, well placed hooks to hang jackets and coats upon entrance into the home. Small console tables that have space underneath are often a budget friendly alternative to costly built in options. Shoe racks can be placed on the floor or hung if it's not in the budget to build a custom area to house shoes and boots under the bench.

It's possible to sometimes add a 'work station' as part of the mudroom space. Pet Stations are growing in popularity. This image depicts a plumbed area to bath our well loved family pets and a makeshift desk area that can be used for anything ranging from bill paying to a homework station. It's also possible to set up a pint sized pet grooming and feeding area, or even a small craft station.

Laundry room spaces are sometimes designed beside or as part of a mudroom space. Even with ample cabinetry and storage in a laundry space, it's possible to borrow a tad of extra space from an adjacent wall or closets and create an extended mudroom 'nook'. Add a small bench and a couple of useful shelves with hooks for items that are used daily by the family. Hooks should be well made and sturdy, and consider multiple rows of hooks to assist little hands with hanging their coats and jackets on a lower row.

Open shelving can be customized to a family's continuous needs to serve specific family members: ie. deep enough to house athletic balls and other equipment. Shelving can also be painted in fun colors if the primary use will be for children. Incorporating ample lighting (both natural and artificial) helps give the illusion of additional space in a small mudroom.

The beauty of creating your own mudroom space is the ability to customize it to your family's own unique preferences. A functional flooring selection for a mudroom area that is durable and easy to clean is tile or concrete. Today's tile selections are beautiful and also withstand wet weather and heavy use. Concrete is stylish and can be painted to coordinate with walls and furnishings.

Remember to place a few washable colorful rugs and mats on hard surfaces to prevent slippage when hard surfaces are wet. For family's with older children or no children living in the home, perhaps a more fashionable mudroom would be preferred? Just because this area is one of the hardest working spaces in terms of keeping the home clean and organized doesn't mean that it can't be fashionable! Fashioning the mudroom space with furnishings that mimic the rest of the home using similar colors and styles with regard to fabrications, lighting and colors used can be a critical element in designing a small yet stylish mudroom space!
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