Light Up Your Home With LED Strips


LED strips are easy to install in any room or spaces around your home, or commercial places. See few such installments and get inspired for your new project.
LED strips attached to the edge of every step can make your climb/decent easier and cool at night. This installation would especially look unique if your home has an open-riser staircase. These strips can even be programmed to sense your arrival and turn on and off automatically! This could indeed be the best way to get to your midnight snack!

Along the Bath Mirrors:

If you have watched old movies that showed vanity mirrors that were surrounded with light bulbs, you already know what we are hinting here. LEDs can work in the same way but present a much more polished and cooler look. You can even use the strips to create a subtle effect of illusion in the household.

Under the bed and couches:

A lot of things get lost under the bed and couch. Well, no more! Attach a couple of these strips under the bed and you have a whole new world opening up to you. This light can even be used to create a new storage place in your house. Also, it would be so cool sleeping under a bed that differentiates itself from the darkness by a blue neon glow!

LED Lighting Under Shelves:

Similar to the above point, shelves can be easier to organize if you have installed lighting in the end corners. This would have been impossible with the traditional incandescent bulbs but LED strips ensure that no corner, howsoever small or out-of-each is ignored.


This point would be applicable for all homeowners who have an older model at home. LED strips can act as the extra lighting that will ensure that the peach doesn’t turn moldy and the ice box is properly lighted. Adding LED strips would certainly be a far less expensive and DIY method than going for a new fridge. Some LED strips also come with a motion sensor and this will ensure that they aren’t glowing all night.

Kitchen Island or Bar:

LED strips can set the perfect mood at home bars. You might even want to go for unique color changing strips to complimenting the shining glasses and spirits. When decorating the bar, you can use LED strips in the shelves, along the couch and even in the beer mugs!

LED Lights in Cabinets and Drawers:

Finding something that you have kept in the bedside drawer at night would generally require you to get up and switch on the room lights. However, LED strips installed inside the drawers can be a great solution to this inconvenience. As we did with the fridge installations, these strips too can be operated upon motion sensing.

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Light Up Swimming Pools With LED Lights:

LEDs are waterproof and don’t heat up even when operated for the whole day. This makes them a perfect element to be integrated into your swimming pools. You can easily imagine how cool with this look!

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