K Tower Luxury Apartment Design


When the client walked through our doors, we had no idea of the process by which we would go through to derive a sensible design that would satisfy both the client’s wishes and our very idealistic design culture.

Somewhere in between the very strong personalities of the client and our very deep vein of good design, we had to find a compromise that would sit perfectly for us both while addressing the geometrical, symbolical and aesthetic objectives of the project.

The last thing we wanted to do was to make the project feel that it was like any other job. The objective was to veer away from simply putting pen to paper and coming up with superficial design solutions. From the onset, it was about creating relationships and working as a team and ensuring that we relate with the client. We had to become friends, and then dig into their childhood moments, romance, failures, fears and achievements. We had to find objects of interest and incidents that stood out in their minds; and memories that impacted their lives.

We dug for turning points and epic moments first, as accomplished singles, then as a couple and finally as a family. And believe it or not, we as the designers had unwittingly become students to the client. In the process of designing, we had conjured up philosophical questions that have been answered by circumstances in their lifetime and subsequently have become foundations to their success. Such things as simplicity, humility, deep reflection into ourselves and an uncanny ability to listen well are keystones that are crying out to be incorporated into the design of this project.

The Tower K project was an exercise in creating references. References that reflect deep seeded principles with inspiration from a rich cultural background and family heritage. We delved into cultural history and traditional Indian lifestyles, we sought things that would give a profound experience and we looked into the rich modern lifestyles as well as the well-loved traditional village life. We found iconic objects, films and calendar events and things that are close to the heart of the nation - things that brings us closer together and our home closer to ‘home’.

Details of village life and ethnic materials were incorporated into the design. Thatched roof, rickshaws, Bollywood movies, mud and organic materials all speak of a pride in the rich history of the family and the richness of childhood growing up experiences. Every detail of this house is tied to a story of one or all the family combined.

Each detail can be related to a moment in their lives where they have experienced their greatest highs and clearest thoughts. Their story is one of humble pride from where they have come yet, more moving is the highest hope of where the growing up family will take them.

“Our story, our romanticism, our mutation, our life…” The house is a tribute to the greatness of what was before us; the hard work and the diligence that has got us this far; a salute to their great works and how much we enjoy life because of their efforts. It is a legacy which must never be taken lightly.

It is a baton which has been passed onto us which in turn we must pass on to the younger generations to carry on as they commit themselves with equal zeal in the creation of a new and better story. With this, our children and grandchildren may be able to enjoy life from our collective efforts hence, create a story of their own.

True to our mandate that the client shall be given an experience before, during and after the project, we have taken them by the hands and walked them through the adventure of researching for ideas, cultivating a direction for the theme of the house, enjoying the research for articles of interest that reflect not only them, but also the beliefs they stand firmly for, which ultimately, reflect their aspirations and where they wish to be.

The research took them to memories of childhood days, school memories and life milestones which they would like to have memorabilias of. It took them back to their roots, traditional foods, dinners and cultural events. We stitched these experiences together and we created a story for them that is embodied in the details of the house.

The story is of passion, love, creation, evolution, involvement, difficulties, finding oneness and finally discovering success where reward is due. The house is a 3 dimensional scrapbook of their story, immortalized in every detail of the apartment. They will find themselves in the plate numbers on the walls, on the rickshaw symbolizing childhood adventures, of movies watched and holidays taken together.

It will embody the happiness of welcoming milestones in their lives, like the arrival of a daughter and the success brought about by hard work. It will hint of a family committed to happiness and standing true despite all the noise and distractions found outside of the main door.

It reflects the life of a young daughter who is growing up so fast and the plight of parents who are scrambling to try and keep up. It boasts of the moments they share while she is young and inherently ‘theirs’ knowing that it is a matter of time before she develops wings and takes flight.

It is the story of beliefs, sacred offerings, acknowledgment of someone far greater than we are who with a whim, can provide more than we could ever hope to accomplish in a lifetime.

This is a design to the core for us at the First Ferry. It is finding their story and re-telling it in details. For only in their story does the design become profoundly unique. There is no other home like this simply because there won’t ever be a story quite like theirs.

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