Budget Friendly Exterior Home Improvements That Can Be Enjoyed Any Season!

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Home exteriors come in all architectural design styles, shapes, colors and sizes. So many of us do so much of our 'living' by enjoying the great outdoors! You can bring the indoors out and do it on a budget!
Whether it's the purchase of a first home, the sale of a final home or any home purchase in between, get inspired by adding some stylish outdoor touches that show your sense of creativity and don't have to break the bank!

Outdoor Seating Area

Creating an inviting outdoor seating area for family and friends is a welcoming touch that can be added to and expanded upon throughout the months and years. Add outdoor furnishings as well as decorative accessories slowly and thoughtfully; the same way that you would style the interior space. If your outdoor living space is not covered, pay careful attention to the fabrications you select to be sure items are weatherproof if possible.

Decorative pillows and throws are functional and comfortable. These pieces can be used not only to add comfort but also to add a seasonal touch to the space. Deep, rich and spicy solid colors as well as plaid patterns are great choices for Fall whereas bright, happy colors and bold floral patterns and stripes on fabrics are eye catching options for Spring or Summer entertaining. Shop online home and garden stores, flea markets, estate and yard sales, and discount stores for great bargains and finds.

DIY Entrance Door Paint

It doesn't have to cost a fortune to create a welcoming front door on even the simplest of homes. Add some pizzazz in even one weekend with the creative use of paint, color and details! This image (Photo Courtesy of Cody Kapcsos) is a great example of how the use of bold and bright color can become a major focal point to the front of a home.

Paint is a wonderfully budget friendly way for do it yourselfers as well as designers to dress up an exterior space via the powerful use of color. The cranberry painted door in this image compliments the brick front facade but the contrasting purplish/royal trim along the door and what appears to be the windows are what truly pop and catch our eye immediately! Additional important details consisting of the attached metal mailbox and exterior lighting blends stylishly but take a definite back seat to the paint and color on this home.

This rustic styled home not only utilizes contrasting paint colors but also the intriguing use of attached distressed metal to decorate the simple brown wooden front door. Remembering the small details and sometimes thinking 'outside' the box provides the most interesting decorating results!

Note that by integrating simply these two stylish old fashioned metal exterior lights that hang symmetrically on either side of the door, an additional sense of vintage stylishly echoes the already 'shed like' wooden structure. The use of the metal lighting ties together seamlessly with the metal on the door.

Decorative Flowering Hanging Baskets or Planters

Depending upon the season, hanging flower baskets/containers and planted flower gardens in warm weather months add lovely fragrance and powerful color to even the most ordinary front home entrance.

Although hanging containers need to be replaced yearly, consider planting annual flowers in the ground that are a cost effective option sprouting and providing yearly and continuous long term beauty for the home exterior. Consult with your local nursery for the floral options that are most suitable for your climate.
Image Courtesy:topinspired.com

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