Designing A Pet Friendly, Fashionable Home

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Regardless of whether you rent or own your home, one thing is fairly certain: if you own a pet, you aim to fashion your home into a space that is a fashionable and functional living space for yourself as well as your furry friend!

Pets are an integral part of the lives of the families that own them. Today's families are concerned not only about their pet's safety and welfare, but also about their comfort and happiness.

When designing a pet friendly home, today's homeowners typically want their pets to have not only clean, but also stylish surroundings that offer comfort and also blend well with the personal home furnishings in our interiors. After all, most pets eat, sleep and 'live' indoors with our family.

This designer litter box enclosure (Photo Courtesy of for cats is fashioned from wood and available in a variety of today's stylish finishes. Not only does the safety lid prevent unpleasant odors from seeping into the open space, but there is also a cut out door that provides easy access in and out for your special feline.

It's quite common for many families to have more than one pet at a time and living inside their home.

With the continued growth of the 'tiny houses' market, small rentals and homes as well as urban living; many of us are living in more compact spaces but do not want to sacrifice the enjoyment of owning multiple pets. Thanks to savvy pet furnishing design, products like this 'Lotus Cat Tree' (Photo Courtesy of made of pine and scratch resistant, is available to accommodate up to FIVE cats at a time, requires a minimal amount of space and stylishly fits with most eclectic and modern home decor.

Men's and women's fashions and interior design have gone hand in hand and have long been inseparable. For years it's been apparent that colors, patterns and fabrics that are favorites and often trendy in men's and women's apparel have crossed over to the home furnishings industry and also been popular.

As we can see in this adorable image from Sylvia Hardt Photography via, the same concept prevails today with regard to our treasured pets for so many of us! If a color, fabric or pattern is 'hot' in home furnishings and fashion for men and women, there's a strong chance we will soon see fashionable pets everywhere sporting a similar color, pattern or fabric. And, there will always be homeowners who allow their 'fashionista' pet princes and princesses to lounge in their homes on their own comfortable family furnishings!

Regardless of the 'rules' in your home that dictate where your pet hangs out; on their own pet friendly bed or other pet furnishings or on your designated 'human' pet place, one thing is for sure: we love our pets and we thoughtfully consider them as an important part of our family's daily life in our home!

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