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Have you ever picked up a home design magazine, leafed through the pages and longingly wished that your home could look that good? There are several details that designers focus on when they work on a home and create stunning spaces. Skill, experience and creativity are major factors involved in designing a welcoming space.
But there is another critical detail that can 'make' or 'break' a space. What is that detail, you ask? Carefully selected and well placed accessories are artful details that define a well designed space.

Accessories matter! If your goal is to create a welcoming home interior; accessories matter in every space throughout the home from the front entry to the back door.

For instance: what child doesn't want to come home each day to a space that they love and that expresses their personality? Regardless of your child's age, a room that portrays their likes and interests is a place they will look forward to spending time- from doing their homework, playing with their friends and even sleeping!

Regardless of whether a child has their own room or shares with a sibling, consider involving them (if it is age appropriate of course!) in the room design when it comes to selecting a few of the details. like Choice of wall color, comforter patterns/colors and wall art are all great ways to involve your child in helping to accessorize their room.

Personalized details, like this pretty hand made pillow with appliquéd flower (Photo Courtesy of Posh Pillows) add colorful fun in a child's room. Often an inexpensive way to customize a space, personalization is a creative way to introduce color, pattern and display your child's interests using small details that allow the child to make the space his or her own.

The family room is a space where family's come together frequently. Here families can watch television, play games or simply hang out with friends, neighbors and each other and spend time. Comfortable sofas, loveseats and chairs and other good quality furnishings are staples that are a must here because the space is used often and often by several people at once.

Even the oldest, most well loved sofa receives a much needed 'lift' when accented by attractive decorative accent pillows. Pillows of varying sizes and coordinating patterns are a great way to add comfort and style. A soft to the touch, contrasting throw is a wonderful way to add color and cozy up the space, particularly in the cooler fall and winter months. These pillows and throw (Photo Courtesy of in contrasting colors and non competing patterns are individually handcrafted items that add pizazz to a simple solid color ivory sofa.

Art is another great addition to any room, bedroom, living room or dining rooms. As seen here art by Christine Zion, it can dramatically bring a life to any room.

Don't let the size or style of the area deter you from designing a space that sports artfully placed accessories that will highlight the room. Any style master or guest bedroom of any size offers a wealth of opportunity to add character through the use of accessories.

This bedroom (Photo Courtesy of oozes rustic charm from head to toe; from the custom headboard fashioned from skis to the western themed throw at the foot of the bed and the uniquely styled pine tree accents that sit on top of the glass and wood bedside table. Earth tone colors, western style, pleasing texture, space proportion and smart design are utilized carefully in this this small space to create a pleasing bedroom vignette that displays the perfect amount of comfy rustic personality!

Ideas, ideas, ideas! A great way to get ideas for accessorizing your personal space is to continually search for great design! Design is everywhere! Reading the latest design and decorating magazines, watching home design and home improvement shows and keeping your eyes continually open when you are in stores, design centers, art festivals, and even some hotels or restaurants are all great ways to get ideas for details and accessories. Also consider touring model homes and newly built spec homes for inspiration and ideas to incorporate unique and special details in your personal space!

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