Gray Interior Paint: Is It A Good Idea - Gray the hot new neutral


It's popping up in today's most stylish interiors and it's everywhere! From the most stylish interiors and exteriors to home furnishings, floor coverings, and wall coverings; it's time to give 'gray' a second look when selecting a color scheme for the home!

A great selection virtually any interior space in the home from kitchens, to bathrooms, laundry rooms and bedrooms; consider gray if you are searching as part a classic color scheme.

Gray Paint Interiors

Particularly 'hot' in today's kitchens, gray has the benefits of taming down a black and white color scheme that would most often otherwise be perceived as too sleek and modern. With the addition of gray, black becomes less 'stark' and white not as 'antiseptic' in appearance. Gray provides the perfect partner to white and black together, providing injecting soothing and calm, as reflected in this image provided by the Formica Group.
Although the stools have simple and clean lines and the countertop has the grey and white sleek formica patterned style, the lighter shade of gray injects the much needed touch of 'soothing' in contrast to the black cabinetry, modern chrome hardware, pendant lighting and stainless steel hood.

The same holds true when paired with other color combinations as well. Gray is often teamed with deep shades of purple to present a royal and elegant formality in home areas such as a formal dining area, master bedroom or dining room. Depending upon its shade, as well as its tone and hue, gray enhances what often would be considered too bold, too rich or too much color by toning down the too deep or too vibrant purple (or other shade).

Photo courtesy of 'The Formica Group' Pattern is called 'Strata Olympico'

Gray Exteriors

Homes of virtually any design style will receive a powerful punch of timeless beauty with an updated gray tone exterior. Most all of the major paint companies have a wide selection of light, mid tone and deep gray shades to choose from, including variations such as this updated blueish/gray 1920's mining home in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Experiment with a contrasting colored front door or trim to add that special something that distinguishes the outside of your home now and for years to come.

In addition to home spaces, gray can be combined as part of a color scheme for home furnishings pieces for a 'always in style' appeal. This marble pattern accent chair (photo courtesy of Lynn Byrne of Decor Arts Now) displays the stunning veining that is representative of cararra stone. Despite it's majestic and elegant appearance, the patterned grey and white color combination lend a 'never out of style' air to the piece.

Marble pattern chair by Maurizio Galante, image courtesy of Lynn Byrne, design blogger with Decor Arts Now

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