Wall partition Materials - for Living Room, Dining, Office.


Mixed material, used in dining, bathroom and in commercial spaces.

Wooden Panel wall partition, an easy and functional divider for many different areas.

Stone, wall partitions always gives the feeling of sturdiness and character to the room.

Amazing and systematic use of glass bricks help in creating half partition wall its beautiful, strong as well as have good life span. Let the partition walls .. divide the area into different spaces, don’t let it separate the room into parts.

These beautiful glass blocks are created by Decor Glassblocks


Minimalist apartment - kitchen connected with living room

Modern wall partition between dining, and living room. Dividing the room for not only the best utilization of space, but bringing the artistic look and character with the functional use of the space.

Use of glass, PVC and mirror, use of these materials for office cubicles partitioning are commonly used. These materials are easily available in the market.

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Custom modern room dividers and room partitions in ZOOT Design
Bespoke room partitions and room dividers I Custom Designs

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