SHREWSBURY - Custom Made Cabinets Designed by David Dempsey


The classic white kitchen is one among the top color concepts liked by homeowners all around. The best part of this concept is, it can turn out a pale space into an amazing one, if infused with various colors. Here David Dempsey has designed the open kitchen with custom made cabinets to fit in well in the space, as well as used the color palette in such a manner to bring in the dash of rustic interior concept within the design.

The White Cabinets

Cabinets in white can never go wrong in a space with wooden kitchen floor and dining table. Here the crisp white cabinets not only opens up the space, it even defines the off-white color used all over the space in a balanced manner.

Multi-Utility Cabinets

When it comes to kitchen design, the inclusion of various types of storage in necessary for various purposes, depending upon the utility. Here closed cabinets, drawers, open shelves have been provided under the island counter. A well planned multi-utility cabinet perfect for any kitchen.

The Open Cabinets

The designer has not only concentrated on the space for appliances, but equally paid attention on the color combination. Adding the tints and hues of brown in a kitchen with floor and furniture is the same color tone, blends in well and exhibits the best. The dark colored open shelves of the kitchen also manages to add depth to the design.

Corner Cabinet

Each and every corner of the kitchen has been used perfectly to make the kitchen a practical space to work in, and still doesn't lose the aesthetic value.

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