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False ceiling is generally constructed with materials like gypsum, wood. It basically provides the simple ceiling a sophisticated and elegant look. Though it was not included in residential projects, during the initial times, but has been successfully the part of commercial projects. But with passing time, and with the involvement of various kinds of lighting techniques, false ceiling has become an important part of the design. Also read about molding designs.

The Materials

Earlier days, the false ceiling design was just achieved by gypsum boards, but these days with the availability of new materials, it's easy to create a desired false ceiling design. Blend the design well with the overall design concept, with the help of materials like wood, glass, any kind of fiber or plastics, textured materials and so on. They can turn any simple space into a quite elegant and sober one.

Cover Up The Flaws

False ceiling designs also help covering damp and damaged ceilings, ceiling with different kind of patches. It’s a way to renew the old room and convert them into a stunning space. The false ceiling design also help is managing the room height and appearance. To get the complete effects of false ceiling design, do not forget to blend it with effective and aesthetic illumination.

False ceiling design is almost the need of every commercial and residential project now. After all, it’s a sophisticated way of presenting the design idea and giving a complete look to rooms and spaces.

Typically, this kind of lighting offers a back-light illumination, to the ceiling, which brings in a dramatic effect. And the cornice design, adds in extra charm to the space.

Have a monotone bedroom? Play around the ceiling with colors, lights and glass for a refreshing look. Complete the decor by adding similar colored draperies or curtains, to maintain a balance throughout the design.

Led lights added to false ceiling here, matches with the living room furniture in a flawless manner.

Planning to create a royal, rich look? Then this type of false ceiling can bring in the feel of power, hence apt for the chairman's office room decor. The same can be even be used in a luxurious living room, to bring in the sophisticated look to the space.

Try out the green color theme, as evergreen vintage, classic look is never out of fashion!

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