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Large houses or small apartment with substantial energy bills can be mind boggling. This same thought led to the idea of getting rid of traditional home building, and rather go for creative ways of lifestyles. According to the opinions of some of the most renowned environmentalist our planet is endangered by toxin gasses. It is perhaps time to change our lifestyle and think of better energy saving techniques. One such initiative is taken by Australian engineer Paul Chambers.

An affordable off-grid home

There are two things that just pick up your home and move. A notion that is nearly impossible to top and a real dream come true for many people.

Self-sustainability is the key to our survival

The same goes for future housing solutions. Anyone who can get a loan can get him or herself a house still, paying the bills month after month for a home that you couldn’t afford in the first place can often be more than your budget can take. This is why, the key feature that a home of tomorrow must offer is the option for self-sustainability.

The greatest thing about these containers is the fact that they are completely customizable. This means that you can install an air-conditioning and electric installation in it, but above all you can also install some solar panels on your own to it and make it completely independent of regular energy sources. While solar panels might cost a bit of money upfront, according to the folks at Precision Roofing Inc, "By many estimates, the upfront costs can be recouped relatively quickly through lower energy costs." In a world facing an imminent energy crisis as well as the shortage in fossil fuels, switching your home to an alternative source of energy is also, in a way, a step forward to the salvation of our beloved planet. By switching to solar panel sustained home you are at the same time doing your part in this everlasting struggle.

Eco friendly building material

There is one more reason why these container solutions are invaluable for the preservation of our environment. Container shelters are one of the most eco-friendly construction materials there are today. There are 17 million container shelters already in existence which means that using one of these containers for construction purposes means that there will be no need for an additional resource exploitation in order for your home to be built; a true win-win scenario if there ever was one.

We must leave to our children a better world than we have inherited from our predecessors. Nobody ever said that the change is going to be easy but if we are to change something we must first start with our own way of thinking, with our own point of view. Be the change that you want to see in the world, as great Gandhi once said and if the future of our planet lies in practicality and sustainability that these container homes can offer we have no choice but to embrace them wholeheartedly.

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