Franklin Leather Club Chair


Best Selling Franklin Leather Club Chair, Brown

The Franklin Leather Club Chair offers executive styling at a intern price. Perfect for any room that exhibits an affluent or upscale decor, such as a study, home office, or any room with bold colors or hardwood floors, this chair is the epitome of class and prosperity. Aside from the darkly tanned wooden legs, this chair is made entirely of baronial, rich bonded leather.
Leather has that unmistakable quality...whether its how it softly reflects light, or the way its dynamic texturing seems to be endlessly deep when being gazed upon, the Franklin chair offers a very high quality leather that will not disappoint.
The sides and back of the chair feature slight outward angling, making the chair appear bigger than it is (great for small spaces!), but also working to cradle and comfort the person lucky enough to be seated on it. The armrests and top portion of the back curve ever so gently, adding to the exquisite and detailed styling of this chair. The seat cushion is thicker than that of most chairs, offering a very pleasant place to relax. This chair is also great as an accent chair, and, due to its slightly smaller size, is great for corners or foyers.

In stock but may require an extra 1-2 days to process.
Assembled Dimensions: 33 inches x 32.75 inches x 33.8 inches

Material: Leather

Item Weight: 55 pounds

Price: $298.99


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