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First impressions are often the lasting ones. What the customers see and experience in your reception area creates an initial impression, which you want to be a good one. The texture, color and shape of the reception in any commercial space, must reflect a mood that is appropriate for its function. That is, as soon as the guest enters, the first place they head to is the reception desk, thus the reception area should be actively designed with exquisite craftsmanship so as to make it more functional.

Various things like designing the surrounding, walls, the color concept, desks, counter, furniture and layout which enclose a reception can make a statement. So designing of this important area needs proper analysis and implementation of few guidelines in order to make it attractive. For example, the hospital reception has its own designing needs, hotel reception has to be aesthetically sound and beautiful, whereas an office reception is incomplete without the company’s logo.
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Keep It Functional Yet Stylish

Functionality should be the at most priority of any reception area’s design. Allow enough comfortable seating to accommodate your visitors, keeping their preferences in mind. Light the space well enough for visitors to read or work on their laptops, but avoid anything that gives the room a harsh glare.

A reception area’s primary purpose is to give visitors a place to relax while they wait, so provide diversions that are appropriate for the audience. Make the interior look interesting. Toys are ideal for a pediatrician’s office. An insurance company can offer relevant magazines and industry publications. Business-to-business operations should consider including small work areas, where waiting professionals can sit at a desk and plug in their laptops.

Adorn The Surroundings

Your reception area should incorporate your brand so that visitors get a feel for what your company does, when they first enter the office. Incorporate your logo into the design, on or near the main desk and the front door. Consider a showcase of your products, detailing your company’s history and a color scheme that ties in with your branding.

In fact before designing this space, you need to examine the overall feel and look that you want to give to the reception. Choose different style such as sleek, cozy, innovative and contemporary for the interiors. And moreover hues and tints of office reception are an important part of the overall decor, as colors are appealing and have the power to bound people to its aesthetic surroundings. Soothing colors such as tints of light neutrals, earthy hues are preferred for their versatility as they blend well with the furnishings. Your reception color palette should ideally blend with flooring, window treatment, tiling, wall coverings. To impart modern finish, add materials like tiles, glass, chrome, acrylic. This brings in an instant majestic appearance.

Stay In Focus

The ambiance and environment of a hotel is glimpsed through the neatness and appropriateness of the hotel reception. There is more to designing, than merely adding furniture pieces that look good!

Reception counter or desk is one of the focus points of this entire place, so deciding upon for reception counter is important. The shape, style, and size of desk make an important decision in interior décor of reception. The reception furnishings should be durable, comfortable and visually appealing. It is best to invest in wear and tear kind of fabric material if leather is not ideal.

So as you design a reception space, keep in mind the form and function, as well as construct a design, that gives the customers an elegant, comfortable place to wait!

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