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I t's true that we all get a little too attached to some of the things we pick up over the years, that slowly take over our homes, but unfortunately one day everyone runs out of space.

Taking action isn't as straightforward, as saying goodbye to our possessions can be a difficult process, even when that possession is a slightly worn stuffed camel, we won at fairground 8 years ago! At FLEXiSPACE we wanted to show you that we're on your side, so we've used all of our collective expertise to create the resource we call the "Space Savers Encyclopedia". In it you'll find a great decision making chart for sifting through your clutter and making those hard decisions as well as some neat home storage solutions and gadgets we've found in case you can't bear to part with everything.

The Ultimate Clear Out Flow Chart

We are all attached to the multitude of objects that we share our homes with, whether it be the old magazines, that jumper from high school or the pressure washer we all repair one day. But there comes a time, for the sake of our family, we need to rise above our sentimentality and look to tackle it head on. Check out the few ways pinned down here, along with the flow chart to make the process a smooth one!

If your home is bursting at the seams, consider these numbers:

* Around 80% of the things we keep at home are never used.
* People wear 20% of their wardrobe, 80% of the time.
* 23% of adults, don't pay their bills on time, because they simply can't find them.
* The average person spends a year just looking for things over their lifetime.
* Removing clutter can save 40% of time on housework. Saving as much as 1.7 years over a person's lifetime.

Use The Hidden Spaces For Storage

When it comes to storage, especially in small homes, every inch can make a difference if used aptly. It's obvious, a house cannot be made spacious, by ditching the use of a few basic furniture pieces, hence, it is recommended to use those furniture's in multiple ways. Use the space under the stairs, bunk bed, bath, stairway, sofa for storage to convert a space into an organized one!

The Kitchen - Storage Gadgets

Getting through the daily household essentials can be a challenge, when space is at a premium. As apartments and homes, generally seem to be shrinking, inventors everywhere have been scrambling to come up with the next big space saving idea and gadgets for the kitchen. Even with the most ergonomically designed setup, some rooms need a creative helping hand to allow them to more comfortably meet the demands of modern life.

Ways To Save Space In The Living And Bath

A well planned design can solve the space issue instantly. Use furniture and appliances which can be used in multiple way and as well as also fits the scale of the room correctly.

Convert Your Attic

If you have exhausted the option in the space you have, one option is to look up and consider, if your loft could provide you the space you badly need. Once modified, the loft could open up a great new space, for a new bedroom or living area, but before jumping in head first, there are a few things to consider:

* Available height: Practically speaking, you need at least 7'3, from the top of the ridge timber in the center of your roof to the ceiling joist, to have enough height to make a usable room.

* Pitch angle: The pitch or angle of your roof is important. Anything higher than 40 degrees will give good space below, which can also be increased by dormers.

* Type of property: Whilst older properties, tend to be built with a frame type structure, which use cut to size and generally thicker timbers. Post 1960s, construction tends to use a factory made truss roof with thinner timbers. Although by no mean a deal breaker, new constructions are more complex for builders to convert.

* Access: The access to the loft must be a full staircase. A ladder is not seen as sufficient by planners. In order to create a staircase, calculate the number of stairs you will need, based on a maximum height rise of 8.7 inches per step. Width is generally flexible, but a standard staircase width is around 860mm.

* Planning Restrictions: If you have an older building which is subject to planning restrictions, you may need to contact your planning authority, to see if the project is a starter. Although many properties with this status may only restrict chances that impact the exterior look, adding things like velux roof windows can fall under this criteria.

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