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The bathroom might be the smallest room in the house, but it's also one of the easiest to update! All you need is a fresh dash of paint, some new tiles or updated bathroom accessories. Here are a few bathroom images, packed with stylish decorating ideas to get you inspired!
No matter, however small or large your bathroom is, a proper space management will deliver you with the perfect space, which can be luxurious as well as functional at the same time.

A bathroom should be divided into two zones “the dry zone” and “the wet zone.
Wet zone is basically for shower and bath, whereas, dry zone is for wash basin, bathroom utility cabinets and much more. Dividing this space into two separate zone, will open up the space, and you can add in as many utility storage in the dry zone, which will help in keeping the bathroom look organized all the time.

Design and Layout

1. Divide the bathroom into dry zone and wet zone with a slight floor level difference, or just get a half wall constructed! Use materials like glass or a curtain partition, to separate the two zones.

2. Keep the dry zone, sink, toilet, area near the entrance of the bathroom. Add high-end bathroom sink, as it works as a focal point in the bathroom.

3. The wet zone comes next after the dry zone. This prevents the water from flowing out of the bath area, which will obviously keep the rest part of the floor area dry.

Bathroom Fixtures

1. Provide the space with wall hooks, wall hangers, wall shelves for proper and easy storage of things.

2. Do let your bathroom breath fresh with proper ventilation placement, as it is the most humid space of your home.

3. Add grab bars, at different levels for the kids and the senior citizens beside the W.C and bath area, as they prevent accidents and hazards.

4. Another important design aspect of bathroom plan is, lighting. Add different types of lighting, to bring in the modern touch to the space.

Do's And Don't

1. Opt for anti skid flooring materials for the bathroom floors.

2. Absolutely avoid using wood. They are costly, as well as have high maintenance cost and have a very less lifespan, when used in the bathroom.

3. Use marble and granite for wash basin area. Even the use of plastic wallpaper may result in good and attractive design idea.

4. Do not place a mirror on the opposite wall of the bath and the W.C. area. You may use those bathroom designer mirrors, which will enhance the decor.

5. The drainage system, floor level and material, should be checked and of a good quality.

As bathroom these days are treated equally, like any other rooms, its important to maintain it in style! Moreover, it is considered as the reflection of your lifestyle.

A freshly updated and organized bathroom, may not just look trendy, but also impress your guests. Get inspired to get updated!

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