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It's a know fact that furniture plays a great role in any interior design. Therefore, the first thing that goes to an empty room is the furniture. Then goes everything else, such as mirrors, lamps and other accessories. That is why the role of furniture in interior design plays an important role, and it mostly defines what other accessories should be added, in order to finish the decoration of the room.

The furniture designed by the MECC team based in the Middle East has created these luxury furniture for their client located in UK.

The residence design soaked in with a touch of gold, brings in a feel of richness and luxury instantly. The imagination and ideas of the MECC team tied up together, has made the client's dream home turn into reality. A perfect designs which soaks in the traditional Middle East interior design style, and brings out the royal feel.

When a room is being furnished, it should cover all the main principles of comfort and convenience. Also, it is equally important to exhibit the personality of the homeowner!

The dining room design is drenched in luxury as well. The design of the living area has been continued here too, to keep the flow balanced. The overall dining set up here is apt for those who love to host holiday dinner parties or enjoy gathering around the table for a weeknight meal. As the dining room is where people come together, it's the spot in the home that encourages one to celebrate their signature style.

The bedroom here for the young lady is designed to bring in the feel of calmness. The color combo of beige, brown and gold in the bedroom, exhibits the royal touch. Also, all the main elements such as bed, table, wardrobe are designed to suit the overall color palette. It adds a very stylish touch to this girls room design.

A perfect design concept for those who prefer luxury to minimalism, and want to surround their daughter with a more refined and chic room. This room with gold finishes, glittering chandelier with lovely curves and cushions amazingly ornate the space and harmonize with the furniture to perfectly fit the girl's room!

.A boy's bedroom designed with a dash of blue in it.
The carefully designed pieces of furniture are highly decorative and play the major role in both the home's functionality as well as beauty. Ideally, the furniture should complement the overall style of the home and serve its original purpose in the best possible way. Hence, the MECC team has put in all efforts to produce these quality furniture, with a touch of luxury and timeless beauty, to get the best out of the space!

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