Ways to Keep a Perfectly Clean Home


Keeping a clean home is one of those everyday activities that needs a good strategy in order to be executed most efficiently and in the least amount of time. Of course, everything needs to be done perfectly; after all, it is your and your family’s health that is of primary concern here. Aesthetics of your home come second, thou not too much behind. If you have trouble all necessary tasks in timely and efficient manner, here are ways you should implement in order to keep your home perfectly clean at all times.

Before moving on, there is one thing that needs to be absolutely clear, there is not such a thing as a perfectly clean house for longer than 10 minutes, approximately. If nothing else, you cannot stop dust from falling down and accumulating. Therefore, what we strive for here is a nearly perfectly clean house at all times, which is a great achievement.

Schedule and follow The most effective way of achieving a clean home is to make a schedule of chores for the entire house with each room covered by it. Naturally, you need to stick to this schedule. This does not mean that there is one fixed schedule that suits everyone equally successfully. You need to find the one that suits your habits and needs best. For example, on Mondays you will vacuum the entire house. On Tuesdays you will clean the kitchen, on Wednesdays you will clean the bathroom, and so on. It is important that you stick to the chosen schedule in order to develop a habit and make the process faster. If you miss your Monday dusting due to unexpected circumstances, leave it for the next Monday. Also, when you dust, you dust the entire house, your kitchen and bathroom days will be reserved for other cleaning tasks performed there.

Do not accumulate Unless something unexpected happens, your chores must not be allowed accumulate at any level. If this happens the whole system will collapse eventually, not to mention that such state cannot be treated as clean under any circumstances.

Declutter By all means get rid of the things you do not use anymore and be strict about it. Any home needs as much space as possible and all those unused things only occupy it and collect dust along the way. So, instead of constantly moving them around, pass them on, give them to charity or simply throw them away if they are not in the best condition.

Hygiene and more In order for the house to be completely healthy, apart from being clean it needs to be pest free. In fact, they are mutually inclusive, an unclean house cannot be pest free. However, it does happen sometimes that even thou your house is well kept, pests do exist probably originating from your closest surrounding. The easiest way to put them under control is to use pest control products after you thoroughly cleaned the house.

Once again, keeping a house clean is a continual activity, customize it to your needs, make sure you stick to the schedule you made and enjoy your clean home.

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