Mojave SandBox - Walnut Planters


The Mojave SandBox succulent garden with Walnut and clear finish. The SandBox looks great as a desert-oasis centerpiece on a table or desk.

Includes a stainless-steel insert to plant within.
Dimensions: 8”L x 8”W x 3”H. The interior of the bowl is 5.75" across and 2.5" deep.
Succulent plants are recommended.
From $ 68.00

Materials: Walnut, Oil-based topcoat, and Stainless Steel planter bowl. The materials for the Sandbox planters have been carefully considered for both function and design. The Walnut is sustainably harvested in the Eastern United States and consists of grain variants making each Sandbox planter truly unique. We use an oil-based finish to enhance the beauty and the longevity of the planter. The stainless steel insert will not rust and prevent rot or cracking of the wood.

Care Instructions:
After watering, allow excess water to drain into the included saucer and then empty the saucer. Don't allow the bowl to remain submerged in water. Attention: Do not allow water to remain on wood finish after watering. As spotting may occur.
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