Summer Design Tips


Dress up your home this summer with fun, cool stuff inspired by of-the-moment design trends. Use color as a mood-lifting design tool that evokes calm, drama, cheer or comfort. Splash of color in one wall will pep up the boring ambience of the house. Light or bright paint color makes a tiny room gives a larger feel, or a spacious one feel more intimate, without the time and expense of actually tearing down walls.
By bringing in some interesting accents and furniture or a large framed art can spice up your room!

Neon colors are another way to brighten your rooms during summer, they are cool for indoors!

Addition of colorful art in any room immediately brighten the room and perfect for summer decor!
Painting by Vered Ofir

Green and summer is synonyms. Addition of any kind of plants or flowers to both indoors and outdoors will bring a breeze of respite from the heat!

Choose a light serene summery color for your wallpaper. For a quick result add it only on one wall. If you want to change your decor, It can be replaced in winter.
Wallpaper by Alkemi Decor

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