Living Room Design Ideas.

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Living room, an essence for every residence. Different habitats have different size of living area, a few small, few large and some living zone shared with dinner area/dining area, depending upon the size and need of individual home.
Living room can create a warm welcome note for the people residing or for guests. So living room design should be relaxing, cool with a tint of warmish texture, to give a complete feel of comfort and peace.

Essentials Of A Living Room

Furniture's and accessories, plays a major role. It can divide and convert your corner, the way you want to! All you need to know is the placement. A sofa set with center table, close to other settings like couch and stools, ottomans or chair to accommodate guests, can make the space more interesting.
Apart from this, add a rug on the floor, for a comfortable and designer look, texture the wall with living room wallpapers, create a TV Unit wall, with the best TV panel designs, as it can make a great impact to the room and the designs.
Living room designs can be even enhanced with soft and light colored fabrics for the curtains, pillows, sofa covers. And play with colors, to get that contrast mode, for a lively and charming combination.

Formal Or Informal

Play with the room to give in the formal and informal look at a same place. Nourish it with a leather sofa set or a white colored sofa set with different colorful pillows, and let the couch escort rest of the designing part for the informal touch.
While designing living room we should be very careful about one more thing, it’s the only room which is connected to both interiors and exteriors (main entrance of the dwelling), so do not keep it so vacant and open, which might hurt the privacy, neither over crowd it, which will mess the place and ruin the welcome note for your guests and yourself. Try out bringing in some addition, by including an entry and foyer theme in one corner, even though if you don't have a passage to adorn!

Open Living Concept

Plan the living room beside dinner area and kitchen for a smooth and uninterrupted access and service from the food zone.
If you are searching for family room decorating ideas, then just frame the walls with family pictures, paintings, wall hangings, hanging lights add to the beauty of the space. Replace your old designs with texture effects, or simply you can give a contrast color theme to bring in a bright and new look.

Adorn The Space With Accessories

Placing the decorative accessories in the living room, is an art in itself. Do not just mess up your living room with different and variety of accessories to decorate it. You might ruin your plans of desired living room design.
Just match up the accessories with your present decors, colors, patterns and then choose the one which suits the best. Or plan for such general accessories, which will definitely blend well with your future plans.
So, living room interior design is an interesting work to do as well as, it gives a full-fledged invitation to your designing capacities and idea’s. Knock knock, the living room design is calling you! Go get it!

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Easy and practical approach to design the living room. The second photo is cool, but not practical with kids at home. Can you suggest some other colour for the decor?
 Novice Periera  |    Aug. 18, 2013, 4:22 p.m.

Some other colors for living room.. you can go with ..light green, light blue, baby pink, white..etc. in contrast with any bright color.. to give in the complete look. Ya, may be not practical with the home..but kids even grow up.. so we have to design according to some future needs as well. :)
 Architect & Designer Spaceio Blogger |    Aug. 19, 2013, 1:04 a.m.

Thats true kids group soon .. My immediate need is to reduce my work, I think darker and bright colours for upholstery, would be best for me. and wall paint can be lighter shades. Thanks for your suggestions!
 Novice Periera  |    Aug. 19, 2013, 6:53 p.m.

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