Lounge-Wood Hot – Support for Notebook


Lounge-Wood Hot – Support for Notebook Lounge-wood Hot is the support for notebook that meet style and ergonomics.
All the supports Lounge-teak have similar features, but differ in the finishes in order to adapt to any type of furniture and meet any taste.
Lounge-wood has a more range of height regulation (20 to 90 cm, from the ground) for example, is suggested if you want to use it on the American bed or a Japanese Tatami. Lounge-wood is available in two versions: basic and “Sail Version” with an original “Shelf for smartphone” inspired by sail forms made with the same wood of the laptop stand.
• Metallic structure, is composed by two Inox Steel pipes with a satin effect finishing.
• The base, Laptop-tray, Mouse Pad and other components like the “Sail Shelf” are made in Cultivated wood with a Zero Emission coating. Color Light brown with Orange Effect
• The elegant knobs to adjust height and Laptop-Tray are made in alluminium and is handily made on exclusive Designed by Lounge-tek.
• Total Weight of the Lounge-wood 6kg
• We suggest a Lounge-wood to support Laptops up to 18″ , with a maximum weight of 5 kg.
• Coolfit included.

The Product

Health prevention!
Comfortable, also for Computers!
Indispensable with Laptops.
Useful also for iPad and Tablet!
Innovative forms
Handcrafted quality
Natural Materials
Inspired from the Masters of Italian Design.

Use With Tablet, iPad, e-Book Reader

Metallic structure is composed by two Inox Steel tubes (satin finished) . An original system with a knob, stop the laptop tray to regulate an optimal height.

The laptop-tray is also able to rotate 360° and to tilt 35° in safety mode, this feature allows to use your Laptop always in the best position. For example, you can use Lounge-wood on your bed either from the left or right side.The”legs” are robust enough to support the structure, but are also thin enough to slip easily under most beds, armchairs, sofas (you need only 3 cm of space).


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