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Vertical Garden is also known as the green wall or the living wall. These are not only spectacularly beautiful and a perfect solution for the indoors or the out, it also draws attention to an area or conceal an unattractive view, to create an enlivening ambience.

Benefits Of A Vertical Garden In The Exteriors

* These vertical gardens can lower both the outdoor and indoor temperature, as well as cleans the polluted air.
* They hold or slows the rain water flow.
* It screens away the unwanted views and provide privacy too.
* Increase the accessibility and are easier to reach, which makes fertilizing, watering, pruning and harvesting much more convenient.
* Vertical gardens may be placed out of easy reach of animal and insect pests like snails, making organic gardening without pesticides much easier.
* Much easier to control the spread of weeds, which minimizes time spent on one of the least pleasant gardening tasks.
* Best solution for those with tiny space.

Vertical Garden In The Interiors

* Indoor gardening is considered as a dramatic addition to modern interior design.
* Can be added as a relaxing visual feature, in any room.
* Sound proofs the interior.
* Can be used as a partition. Hence, divides and defines living spaces.
* Helps balance humidity and improve air quality
* Transforms dull walls and passages instantly.

Requirements To Construct The Green Wall

The space (both interior and exterior) should have an internal irrigation system, good drainage, access for regular maintenance, and an adequate support structure. Hence, the creation of your living wall needs following:

* Wall or railing.
* Living wall panel cells (vertical planter), that includes all the facilities mentioned above.
* Plants.
* A creative design to implement.

Process to Create Vertical Garden

1. Decide the location first, where you would prefer to frame this artistic wall.

2. Decide, how big you want your living wall. As panels or cells are available, you can buy multiple panels depending on the garden size. (The planter cells are a series of individual spaces to place your plants)

3. Choose the right plants. Consider choosing plants that don’t have large roots.

4. Once you have chosen the plants, add them to the individual planter cells. Get creative and design your garden, and create shapes or mix and match the textures that you have selected.

5. Add soil to all the cells. And hang it easily to the wall or railing.

Important Factors To Consider

* Choose plants wisely. Consider the maximum height, the plant is likely to grow, when it is mature. This will have an impact on what kind of structure you choose and affects accessibility. Hence, choose a species that will grow to a suitable height, you can comfortably reach!.

* * Of course vertical garden is fun to construct, but if you are in rent, then you may need to consider how permanent your vertical structures really need to be.

* Choose lightweight materials that can be removed, moved around and easily repositioned to catch the sun during the day.

Ways To Adorn Your Home With Some Quick DIY Ideas

A vertical garden concept, doesn't have to be an expensive one. You can start from the entrance. As a gateway is usually the place, where you can create first impressions! With a little imagination this space can be converted into a creative vertical garden. Hanging mini tin pots with colorful flowering plants on the fence and accessories the space with the addition of attractive gate or arbor adds character to the space.

Now these are safe and can be hung vertically or mounted to a wall. They also come in all sizes so you can get really creative with them. But they do rust. However, replacing these after a season isn’t a big deal because you will always have a few in the recycle bin!

Use Wood - Go The Natural Way!

There is no end to the types of vertical gardens that can be created with wood. The only limit is your imagination, you can build one easily depending upon the space you have. But as wood is an organic material, it will break down over time and will need to be replaced at some point.

Moreover the panels get heavy, once the soil and plant is added, so when it comes to DIY vertical, it's better to use ladders or planter stand, that can be leaned against a wall to create an amazing garden tower . In case, if you prefer to hang a unit on the wall, make sure it’s strong and secure.

Hang It Up

Maintain the height, as well as consider the strength of the structure. Position the hanging baskets, where the possibility of knocking the head wouldn't arise. Moreover, it is very important to check there is adequate support for their weight. Avoid hanging them too high or they will be difficult to water and maintain. Or switch to a much better option! Get pulley system installed, so you can lower and raise your planter without much effort.

The Herb Corner

Adding herb garden to the kitchen, is something that anybody would love. The main factor that needs to be considered here is the placement and the overall look, as when it comes to interior the wall planter should blend well with the space.

Add herbs such as mint that spread obnoxiously in the boxes. Mix herbs that can fluff over the edges of the boxes and fill in the voids between the boxes. Voila, your personalized kitchen garden Is ready.

Set A Theme

Growing vertical vegetable in a garden is probably one of the most practical usages of a vertical garden and has become increasingly popular. Try woolly pockets which are known to be one of the best vertical garden solutions and often come with a mounting frame: Hang the felt pocket frame using the screws and fasteners and fill with a high-quality indoor potting soil. Plant with your favorite plants and you are done!

Create your own vertical garden outside and fill it with organic, home grown vegetables and set the space for the family time!
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