Artful Architecture – The Most Beautiful Commercial Spaces In The World


The commercial spaces are no more just a heap of cubes. The creators are reflecting their desires and coming up with magnificent structures to create a dramatic first impression, which can be considered as the most impressive feats of architecture.
Explore some of the world’s finest examples of striking designs in a commercial setting for viewing pleasures.

Alexander Wang

Designed by LMOD studio in collaboration with Alexander Wang is a 5000 square foot, three leveled layout, located in the Tokyo’s entertainment and shopping district, Aoyama.

The design team has opted for the black and white color palette, for the exteriors as well as the interiors. The building turns into a dramatic space at night because of the lights. The recessed LED’s on the black marble façade grasps attention, as the play of lights and shadows make it stand out. The design concept with marble walls and pedestals, area rugs in wool and silk, and mostly designed with the implementation of customized accessories and furnishing, let's the design to connect well with the collections in the store, by constructing a white backdrop and black accent frame.

Wienden+ Kennedy

Located in the New York city designed by the WorkAC team is both a blend of modern design, with a work oriented space. The team has tried uplift innovation in architecture, by this unique, spectacular “coin stair” that connects the sixth level to the seventh.

This design concept excels in functionality, aesthetic values and depicts a fresh approach with respect to the context. Hence the coin stairs excel, not just by its unique look, it also features bleacher seatings, that can accommodate office wide meetings or informal discussions.

The Burj Al Arab Hotel

Nestled along the shores of the Persian Gulf, designed by the Atkins has grown to become a global center for trade, innovation and luxury. Even though this marvelous creation, is a towering achievement in design as a whole, its each individual component, remains a visual treat too.

The shape of the structure is designed to mimic the sail of a ship, which is dazzling white by day and transformed to display a spectrum of color at night, which is vibrant and alive and has become a symbol of modern Dubai.

Boutique Las Chicas

Located in Brazil, is designed by GUIV Arquitetura is inspired by the gemstones. This features a red faceted wall that references the angular qualities of gemstones, which transforms raw elements of nature in precious jewelry with angular faces and bright colors.

The white counter follows a similar triangular shape to the faceted wall and sits in front of a wall patterned with hexagons. The faceted panel is the key piece of the store, not only for its scale, but also due to the function. Made of triangular polygons in MDF, each one different from another, the counter uses the same language, with faceted geometry and offers space to work comfortably. The layout adopted, allows the non-linear flow of customers, which can freely explore the space of the store.


Located in San Francisco is designed by the Studio O+A . The design team has put an effort to blend the old with the new. The use of wood with the exposed brick along with the doors and frosted glass panels, reclaimed from the original occupants, showcases the 1920s era in style.

ME Dubai Hotel

By the Zaha Hadid, has designed both the exterior of the building and the hotel's interior, including the Michelin-star restaurants and bars set to open within the space. The design is a blend of traditional with the futuristic, to create a work of art. This unique design concept with a lobby centerpiece resembles a modern painting.

The Graz Tourismus

In Austria designed by the INNOCAD Architektur is built in 1644. The 3600 square foot space is a museum that displays information. The design concept consists of four lacquered MDF “stones” and merchandise, the rolling stones, that refers the city’s ancient cobblestones.

Hotel Icon

Designed by Rocco Design Architects, happens to be the largest of its kind in Asia, which spans 18 meters. The addition of vertical garden in the center of the lobby is what makes the hotel different from the rest. It’s the beautiful site constructed by the greenery clinging up the wall, makes the space look alluring.

The Holt Renfrew

Designed by Janson Goldstein is a luxury department store with façade and asymmetrical entry distinguished by glass panels, overlapping to create a ribbon like effect. Inside the men’s department, the white oak ceiling and walnut stained veneer, along with the custom designed furnishing and fixtures ,altogether creates a splendid design.

The Spar Supermarket

The supermarket of 22,000 square feet in Hungary is designed by the LAB5 Architects. The oak panels form a sleek suspended ceiling, resembling the underside of a wooden boat, that flows down till the floor, and the accent lighting, that includes lamps made from recycled wine bottles in the wine section and plastic pendant fixtures in the dairy aisle makes the design unique.

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