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When it comes to designing of any structure, the home exterior view plays a vital role, as the exterior not only defines the structure of your home, it also creates the first and lasting impression.

Here are a few amazing cover of homes for home owners to get inspired from. Go through it to develop your own style statements, while enhancing the curb appeal and increasing the value of your property at the same time.

Modern luxurious exterior design.

Yard with elegant pool. As the privacy and seclusion are essential for a luxurious tropical villa, "the spa-like tranquility is concealed with wood. That gives the structure a warm, natural look.

The white exterior, the sloping gray tile roofing and the gorgeous wooden deck are the quintessential attractive combo of this home. A stylish design to warm your days, along the pool side.

Incredible hi-tech beach house exterior designed in contemporary style. Use of color white for the exterior paint, blue glass in the part of balconies, makes the place stand out, especially when the skies, beach and pool in the region overcast this lovely exterior setting with a addition of Firepit brings the inviting warmth.

Urban exterior - Floating Patio - a treat to eyes and perfect way to relax in the privacy of your home back yard.

The combination of rustic gray exterior pillars, with a touch of contemporary design, brings in a feel of modern house. And gets an extra touch of class with the wood partition compound walls.

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