Gorgeous Living Room Design


A design concept created and crafted by The First Ferry team. A design in which luxuriousness is a recurring theme, that has been used to describe their work.

This design demonstrates splendidness, that is reflected through twisted craftsmanship and a selection of fine materials. The use of white and black in designing can create a stunning and dramatic decor. Moreover, the use of color black adds a focal point that grounds, anchors, and adds a sophisticated look to any room.

Go Minimal

This beautiful design concept creates an amazing atmosphere with minimalist decor on the wall with TV, that makes this Interior more charming.

For a neutral background, walls and ceilings are painted in soft shades of white. And the monochromatic tone is broken with the wall in the room, which is clad in gray, rather a rich silver texture.
The soft color tone of the flooring too, adds an element of subdued glamor in the space.

Regal Yet Relaxed

Black is by definition the most elegant color and the other one that completes it, is white! No matter what kind of combinations you would like to make, for fabrics or furniture, these two colors will always help. A dash of red goes well with this color concept. Thus, it creates a contrast that offers you elegance and good taste.

As first impressions are important, to win half the battle, it couldn't get better with this perfect blend of straight lines, spirals, patterns in one single space.

The Color Play

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!
The blending of the shapes and forms, the vibrant interaction of colors with the black and white theme, and the eventual dramatic effect it all produced, leaves behind a lasting impression.

This type of interior design, proposed by the designers of The First Ferry underlines elegance, perfect shapes and high quality. It is an example of good taste and refinement. Everything that creates an atmosphere of wealth and high standards.

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