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A CEO may want to express himself in his surroundings, but his office is undoubtedly an expression of the company's culture too. Hence the company is bonded to reflect professionalism and the boss’s office has to symbolize that! The "right" office décor is very essential for those in the management positions. Though we often overlook this detail, we can all admit there’s a distinct feeling when standing in an exec’s office. Yes, there could be a little alarming feel because they are your superior, but it also has a lot to do with how a CEO’s office is decorated!

Office designs do vary from company to company, but there are generally a few traditional managerial thumb rules that offices adhere to. These tips will help you gather your thoughts, if you are considering to get your office designed.

The Basics

Décor in an executive office is generally sleek, efficient and charming. When it comes to CEOs, their desks almost always look like a command center and are never pushed against a wall. A freestanding desk towards the middle of the room symbolizes control and confidence, whereas a desk placed near the wall displays dependence. And unlike an employee’s desk, an executive’s desk is comparatively spare and free. The design is intended to highlight the CEO. A design that brings them front and center, who are ready to take on any conversation or problem.

Know The Function

Consider the function of the CEO's office. Is it purely a personal workplace or does it also function as a meeting room, interview room and a place to entertain clients?

Well a stylish yet well-kept executive office is definitely one of the first indicators, which makes people feel the aura of professionalism. However, if you want to generate connection and open up conversation, consider adding a small round table with chairs in your office or a comfortable sitting area with lounge chairs and a couch. Use those sections of your space for more personable or difficult conversations.

Moreover, the executive offices should be personalized with only the right amount of family photos, artwork, furniture and plant life. Add more items that highlight other team members and team accomplishments. In an executive office, everything placed, should have a purpose behind. It should showcase the company’s collaboration and teamwork, as it positively affects the way they work.

The Space

A CEO's office should be as spacious as possible, as on a practical level, it allows 'zones' to be created for the different functions of the room. Apart from the formal requirement, accommodate a private area/or a cabin inside too!.

As the boss your office isn’t just an extension of you, its an extension of your company. A message is sent and received the moment someone walks in. Take a good look and see if it supports your intentions, is aligned with your mission, and sets the tone you want for your guests.

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