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Exorbitant artifacts, the luxurious aura, the picture perfect look, that you have been bookmarking for a while can still be achieved. Yes! And guess what, the added benefits is that it does not burn a hole in your pocket. Sounds interesting, right?

Well, if you are in love with the texture, lines and geometric shapes, then overlays and fretwork, if added to the furniture can make a huge difference. A difference that will upgrade your home, as well as bring the furniture pieces into limelight.

So what is overlays and fretworks?

These are basically lightweight, decorative panels that come in several patterns and sizes. They are paintable and easily attach to furniture, mirrors, walls and glass.
You just need to take a non decorated furniture, add some overlays and turn it into a unique show stopper!

Fretwork On Console Table

It has always been a daunting task to find an apt design for the foyer. No matter big or small, the foyer most of the time is handed over to the professionals to deal with. Here a small passage has been highlighted with some easy quick fix. All you got to do is, get your old console table from the store, glue the fretwork panels and paint it, for that elegant look. You may even add brass triples to enhance the piece. Team it up with some amazing colorful paintings and artifacts to complete the look. There you have geometric pattern overlay or fretwork drawer console, ready for your foyer.

Fretwork On Wainscot

The primary functional benefits of wainscoting is, protecting the walls from damage by chairs, door knobs. That’s why placing wainscoting in high traffic areas such as entryways is a smart choice. Another functional benefit is that wainscoting is easy to wipe down if it gets scuffed, and it can be painted and repainted easily.

Why not provide this beneficial piece an interesting touch?
Get fretwork panels of a different hue on the wainscot to grab attention of the onlookers. A simple idea, you won't regret trying!

Highlight The Table

When it comes to DIY, tables had always been a favorite prop to work on. It had been given a color makeover, and at times even a material makeover. Now its time to add patterns, and what can be better than adding these amazing layovers!
The advantage of adding these patterns is, they bring in a fresh new look, not just to the table, but to the overall setup.

Well layovers and fretworks are not just meant for furniture, you can add it on almost every accessory, that you would like to enhance.

Mirror Overlay

Mirrors are a versatile, decorative element that can give instant polish to any room with little effort. They can do wonder, from illuminating dark corners to adding elegance and drama to an area, and even to create the illusion of space.
Mirrors for decorative purpose is available in various cost ranges. But if you want to try something all by yourself, which is easy to work on and still gives that sophisticated look, then these layovers are just meant for you. Get those simple mirrors of any shape that you prefer, and fix up these patterns to create a border. You may fix the overlays right on top of the mirror, or even glue the fretwork just on the edge so it overlaps the wall. This can even serve as a piece of artwork. As there's a mirror for every taste, whether yours is ultramodern or ultraclassic, its easy to create one with these overlays.

The Light Delight

It’s time to get lit! We all do love checking out different fixtures. Even a few, love collecting the unique pieces, and a few prefer to try preparing one all by themselves! If you are attracted to the lights shown here, then it's actually quite easy to create one. If you are already having those lanterns, with no designs on it, fix the layovers, of any color you prefer ( black is an amazing color, when it comes to light fixtures) and wait for it to dry out completely. Voila, you are all set to lit!
These creations, definitely makes those pricey lights at furniture shops seem way overrated.

Fretwork Screen For Windows

As mentioned earlier, fret works and overlays can be tried on almost everything. Try it out on cabinets in kitchen, on the mirror of dressing unit, on the bed headboard and even on the stair riser too!

Now the interesting rather the impressive part is, it can bring in a wonderful look, if added to the windows. The morning sunshine and the evening sunset, is something we love to watch, and It also brings in a different hue into the decor, during those hours. These screens, other than the trendy curtains or draperies, if added to the windows, brings in an extra glow to the decor. A glow that's natural and anyone would love to gaze on!

These are the few overlay, fretwork ideas which you can try out yourself, or get it done by a professional. An idea definitely worth trying out! Images courtesy of pagoda road inspired by mad men

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