Luxury Bathroom Trends of 2015 Infographic


The bathroom is where many of us escape to forget the worries of the day. Why not make the bathroom all it can be and have a luxury spa experience at home? The luxury bathroom trends of 2015 embody this goal. This infographic from Steam Showers Inc explains why the following spa features will be included in the luxury bathrooms of this New Year:
Walk-in Shower: Bathroom trends are moving towards large, oversized showers with multiple shower heads and relaxing rainfall ceiling shower head features. These showers will provide a get-a-away oasis in your home.

Steam Showers

Why go all the way to the spa or the gym after work when you can go home to enjoy a steam session? Interior designers and contractors understand that their clients want steam capabilities in their home bathrooms.


This year, bathtubs will be all about feeling glamorous. Switch out your boring tub for the star treatment. Stylish bathtubs will include radios and shower heads and will sit below elegant chandelier lighting.


It’s time to add more tech to the toilet. Toilets are more environmentally conscious with low flush capabilities and dual flush systems. Other popular features for the toilet include touch less flush and night-lights.

Read the full infographic to learn more. Steam Showers Inc is the largest online distributor of steam showers.

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