MIMO HOUSE - In Miami Beach


Grand two-story house in Miami Florida accommodates rooms build with the futuristic vision with artistic flavor in both interior and exterior spaces. Situated in Miami’s tropical climate, this striking residence catches your eye with its large spaces, tall ceiling heights and oversized windows that overlook both the swimming pool and lusciously landscaped front garden.

The green interior courtyard activates the spaces surrounding it, as it takes you from the front of the house to the rear.

Our architects at KKAID created a vision of this picturesque home and brought it to life, for the owner and generations to live and enjoy this state of the art, and hi-tech living facilities to allow them to connect and enjoy outdoors of, year round Miami sultry weather.

The reflections and lighting from the pool area serves as an extension of this grand central space. The combination of exterior and interior spaces at different levels, create a variety of atmospheres within the same home.

The courtyard and greenspaces are viewed grandly from the second level as well.

It responds to its context, while also engaging in specific interesting materials that are sensitive to the moods of rooms of the home.

Kobi Karp Architecture

Location: Miami Beach

Images courtesy of www.antoniocuellarphotography.com

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