16.000 sq ft Office Of BPG Group, At MAF Tower, Dubai


Take a look at the sensational designed office, which have gone to huge lengths to ensure employees never lack creativity. In the design world, office design is increasingly becoming a big deal. As everybody knows that the first impression is always a reliable quantifier. This assumption has also been taken into account in the case of office lobby, as a customer will undoubtedly be influenced by the atmosphere that welcomes him/her upon entering a room.

Adhering to the latest trends, we design and develop contemporary interior that suits the nature of the office. The passage has been designed in an interesting way. It looks very alluring, with the addition of bright colors, and makes the office designs look a cheerful one.

Yet another view of the passage.

The partition glass wall provided here brings privacy, yet displays openness. As office design offers a unique puzzle, the designer team has visualized and implemented the design elements, to reflect the needs of the employees.
A perfect design, with a balance of communal and individual space, plus flexibility for expansion.

The ceiling and the wall has been given more attention here. And the lights play the major role, in this particular design concept. Of course the natural light keeps people happier, more alert, and more productive, but offering flexible task lighting above the office desk, looks very attractive.

A vibrant, colorful office decor - The usual advice for walls is to go neutral, but trying out a pale background can improve focus. Here a single wall has been splashed with vibrant green to keep the energy high. Adding the contemporary office furniture in purple, has just boosted up the overall bold striking color theme.

A breathtaking metallic concept design for the passage. The passage has been provided with enough space to move, so adding in some plants to cleanse the air and cultivate a sense of natural life is a great idea.

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