Dongshan Tourist Service Center is centrally and strategically located in an important intersection node serving as The Gateway for tourists visiting the great city of Dongshan.
The project is an inspiration, taken from the natural environment. So the shape of this structure, has been designed which resembles, a boulder in one of the destination and also the seashore.

This iconic Tourist Service Center will serve as the welcoming attraction to the community. It will house a convention center and exhibition hall among other public functions, to provide patrons with a first-class guest experience and international services.
The structure has the waviness, and also resembles the number eight. Which is also considered as the lucky number for the Chinese.

As a tourist center this building assumes an important role as the gathering point upon arriving at and entering the Dongshan and becomes the first impression of Dongshan for travelers visiting for the first time.

Architect: Kobi Karp Architecture

Location: Dongshan, Fujian, China.

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