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Home Design: The Ideal Fusion of Dynamics and Stability

Your living and work space can have a strong influence on people. Because of that phenomenon, Feng Shui is put into consideration more and more when designing homes and offices. With it, you can bring stability, joy, dynamics and positive energy into your space and turn your house into an oasis of peace, happiness and prosperity. The most important thing in Feng Shui is energy and energy flow. Each of the 5 elements (earth, fire, metal, water and air) has desirable qualities that you should include in your home, and you can combine them to create balance and harmony. Here

WPArch | Swiss Simplicity | Seltisberg, Switzerland

If you like homes that are designed for close family lifestyle, then you'll find that "Swiss Simplicity" brings comfortable family living to near perfection.

Axt Architekten | Kunst in Weidingen | Weidingen, Germany

The Foundation for the Promotion of Contemporary Art in Weidingen was founded in 2012 by gallery owners Max-Ulrich Hetzler and Samia Saouma.

Berlin Rodeo | Penthouse Prenzlaurer Berg | Berlin, Germany

Joshua and Natsuko from Chibi Moku has broadcast the ultimate venture from their Europe trip. This venture is a super offbeat apartment suite in Berlin for interior designers Berlin Rodeo.

Creating a pad for a bachelor, have given the designers the opportunity for design that are not available when designing other interiors. In "Penthouse Prenzlaurer Berg" by Berlin Rodeo, this is exactly the case!

Going Green: 4 Tips To Move To Your New House The Eco-Friendly Way

On average people move house at least three times before they are 45 and many of them find relocating quite stressful. As a result, many movers do not really think how their impending actions may affect the environment. However, moving house the green way does not necessarily have to be as difficult as one may think and little changes can significantly limit the impact relocation has on our planet. If you are planning to take a conscious effort to green your move, you are in luck because today we bring you 4 simple, yet effective ideas to move your house eco-friendly way.

Home Health Care vs. Non-Medical In-Home Care

Home health care and Non-medical in-home care are two different things. Though they sound similar, one must know the difference between each other to decide what kind of care or treatment is required for the patient. A this would help the person in the decision process of whether to hire a home health care professional or an unlicensed caretaker!