How To Design Your Dream Kitchen ? »

Designing a kitchen is not as easy as it seems! Yes, you read it right! Well you must be thinking with kitchen designers around and with easy access to modular kitchen showrooms how can the process be a daunting one?

If you contemplate, the answer will be right in front of you. I have met many clients and when the process leads to designing of kitchen and asked for their requirements most of them says "It should look spacious" or "give me a nice looking kitchen". That's what i get as an answer.

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My Favorite 20 Creative Breakfast Nook Ideas »

Colorful custom built breakfast nook.

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A collection born of a mixture between the luminaire concept 5D and wall decoration.
During the day, it works like a beautiful wall hanging like an abstract painting.
At nighted when the bulb is lighted, a romantic atmosphere created. Thanks to the shadow of the luminaire concept 5D.

* Assembled module placed on the wall is 5D, with design in various sizes and colors
"abstrack COLLECTION" by SAINT YORK DESIGN is a magical and everyday living work (concept and design pending) by SAINT YORK DESIGN.

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Things You Should Know Before Buying Flat/Apartment »

To "Own a house" is everyone's dream but buying a flat or an apartment is not just about booking it and paying step by step as the work progresses. There are certain things a "first-time" home buyer should know . Though the budget, location, personal preferences will vary from person to person there are still specific things which are important as well as common irrespective of the choices you make.

Once you have decided with the budget and the locality, research to know more about the place. Check with the independent buyers, rates mentioned on newspapers first to get an approximate sketch of the location you prefer. Visit as many places and spend time in the areas to look for properties that fits your criteria. This will give you a good idea about what your money buys !
Note : Top builders/developers rates vary comparing with the rest. So do research a bit on them individually.

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Photography Themed Decor »

Hey Friends,

The last time I wrote on interior design, it was on a not so common themed decor. Today, I have another interesting and even more rare themed decor design to please your senses.
Today, it is photography theme. Photography is an area I've always loved even though I know I could never be a professional at it. When you think of photography, what comes to mind? I know, it's easy, pictures. Well, if you thought that then you are probably correct.
However, for the purpose of this discussion, I'll include videography to that. Many people now view them as separate entities, but I don't think they are entirely so different.

Take for instance, the camera especially, the digital camera. It is used to both take pictures and record events (videos). Another example, these days, videos can be stored on compact discs, well, so can picture. Besides videos are also called motion pictures. So, I hope I am not mistaken in clumping the two together for this post.

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