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Anshuman Residence Gurgaon - Showcasing their Living and Bedrooms

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It's in this special space that you put your feet up after a long day, and it's where you prepare for the day ahead. Your bedroom should reflect your personality, but it should also reflect your needs. Comfort, style, and organization are all important elements for your bedroom suite.When you visit someone's home, one of the first place you will usually be welcomed is the living room. The modern day equivalent of a drawing room, these spaces are set up for conversation, connection, and entertainment. Each living room in this post creates a

The Life of an Architect: 10 interesting facts about an architect

Designing Beautiful Spaces.
Architecture is about the making of places where people spend their lives. Whether these are public or private spaces, architects work with a variety of massing, hierarchies of volumes, space planning, materials and façade elevations. Integrating context and landscape further enhance their design of the architectural space. Building envelope systems and roof structures can add value and beauty to the exterior of a building, while furniture and lighting can do the same for the interior. The creative sensibility of an architect adds value a

5 Steps To Send You Soaring Into Space

Not all of us are lucky enough to have thousands of square feet to work with when Designing our dream bedroom. In fact, for the majority of city-dwellers, living spaces are set to decrease even further in the coming years. As population levels rise, we must think smarter and more creatively to work with what little space we have. This doesn’t mean settling for a bare-bones approach to living. Oh no. Or accepting that the guest bedroom will turn into a dumping ground for useless clutter. We accept the challenges of modern living and vow to face them head on.

Transform Your Dining Room Using These Interior Decorating Techniques

There are a number of reasons why you are looking to change the interior look of your dining room, and if you make yourself knowledgeable about the techniques designers use you can make these minor changes with little effort on a small budget. Not every change has to be big and fancy as you can make small tweaks that will have a big impact. For example, by strategically placing a mirror in a room you can increase the amount of light that it has. Walls can be brightened, and the room can receive a warmth perception just by changing colors or adding small decorations. Use t

How To Bring Character To A Spare Bedroom

Ah, the spare bedroom - it’s usually a tough one to incorporate into the overall aesthetic of your home. Mainly because nobody is actually living in it most of time, and it has to cater for a range of potential guests tastes. How I tend to envision the spare room is like this; if you were to design the bedrooms for a 5 star hotel how would you do it? what styles would you consider? what colour scheme would match the majority? It should represent your character and your homes, but it shouldn’t be dominating to someone who may not understand your charismatic or quirky decor

Embrace Interior HVAC Style

When considering interior design elements, it’s doubtful that heating and air conditioning components make it on your list – that’s understandable. Traditionally, HVAC systems are unattractive, enormous, and their components have been built into homes and businesses in ways that keep them out of sight.

The heating and cooling industry have come a long way in terms of stylish product design. The equipment manufacturers who once considered their products as purely functional are now recognizing the need for stylish profiles in today’s world.

Today’s HVAC