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6 Hi-Tech Home Decor and Gadgets

by Deepa Raj | Interior designers

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Kids Bedroom Designs with Bold Theme

by Mariano Neila | Interior designers

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by Darshna Bhavsar | Interior designers

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Siona Benjamin

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Mounting Types for Kitchen Range Hoods

Range hoods are classified by how they are mounted in the kitchen. Where and how the range hood is mounted depends upon the type of cooking surface in the kitchen, or the type of cooking surface that is going to be installed in the kitchen.

There are three general types, including wall mount range hoods, island range hoods and under cabinet range hoods. Additionally, and you may not be familiar with this one, there is the insert liner range hood.

Book Themed Decor

Do you love books so much, sometimes feel like being inside of the pages of the book your are reading? Well, guess what? today is your lucky day.Today, I am here with a fresh themed decor idea. I'll be writing about how to design your space to look like a book, a set of books or something out of a book. The idea of a book themed space first came to me when I saw a photo on pinterest, (the book staircase). I also realized that the theme has to be for book lovers or anyone who loves to read. Unlike the music themed decor, you may not be able to get the architectural design of the house to look like a book (no conclusive evidence of that), but you sure can get the inside of the house bookified!

Decks - Wooden Decks and Patio

This mahogany deck is extraordinary at many levels. The area underneath the deck is entirely water proof via a rubber membrane applied under the decking material.

Kitchens - Our Latest Kitchen Remodeling

Montclair renovation with cherry cabinets, new windows, granite countertops, new appliances and oak floor.

Bathroom makeover: How to make your own paradise

Ever happened to you that you walk into your bathroom, look around, sigh and say: ‘We definitely need more space’? We can all relate to that, no doubt.
Another thing most people would like to do, if they only got the chance, is to add a touch of modern to their old bathrooms. One thing all old bathrooms have in common is that they look old, and there are probably things you would like to see changes and updated. Or simply, if you are in need of a respite from everyday troubles, why wouldn’t you change your bathroom into your own personal paradise?

My Magic Carpet

My Magic Carpet, 2011. 12' diameter x 16' height, mixed media installation. This is an example of how paintings can be made into woven carpets. For information on purchasing this piece or to commission similar work, contact