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Retail Interior Design Online Business

The designing of a commercial environment such as a store or shopping center comes under the retail interior design. And the process of enhancing these spaces gives much importance to make it a congenial place for consumers to spend time in. Though the retail interior designers utilize and follow the same basic principles of interior designing as that of residential interior design, it requires additional training to design or redesign a larger area. And hence, to start up a retail interior design business, here are a few facts and processes that one must be aware of and i

Custom Wallpaper for Walls and wall decor for home interiors

This Amsterdam wallpaper shows beautiful tulips bloom as the sun rays fall on its petals and the ecstatic feeling being felt by the flowers can clearly be felt upon observing this cheery floral wallpaper pattern. Colorful tulips under the backdrop of blue sky with a watercolor brush effect creating an amazing color contrast is the reason behind this seemingly joyous designer wallpaper idea.

The exuberant color combination seen in this custom wallpaper for wall conveys a feeling of freshness thereby creating a fascinating view which is evident through this mode

Thinking of Adding a Sideboard - Vintage Sideboard To Add a Dash of Style

Sideboards were popular in the 1950s and before and were usually found in dining rooms where they held platters, table cloths and other items for dining. Some sideboards have shelves hidden by doors and other sideboards have both shelves and drawers. Vintage sideboards run the gambit from extremely simple and functional to elegant and beautiful pieces that are truly works of art making them perfect for a number of different user in modern day homes.

Exploring Luxurious Homes : Exquisite WC Room Design

The luxury interior features a high grade natural stone flooring in White Calacatta, Azul Blue and Yellow Sienna marble artistically crafted in impressive flower pattern highlighted by a skylight at the ceiling. Its wall interior design is looking opulent in brass frame molding with sophisticated black and white portrait and elegant decorative patterns. Furnished with a classic bar set fittings in polished brass on a wall hung custom made vanity unit with Royal Victorian decorative pattern in gold finish to match the decorating ideas in the bedroom design. An exquisite WC room design in conte

Exploring Luxurious Homes : Elegant Bedroom Design

The bedroom design is dominated by mostly ivory white color, from simple yet refined trim ceiling to luxurious wall molding to fine drapes and high end custom made hand knotted loop and silk rug, the room looks stunningly peaceful and serene. The use of a natural material as the oak wooden flooring not only add sophistication but intensified the warmth ambience in the room interior. Completing the bedroom decorating ideas are luxury furniture such as a glamorous bed with timeless curve, elegant sofa and fabulous chair in soft fresh white fabric complemented with stylish contemporary furniture

Window Treatment Design Trends

Window treatment designs can make your home or restaurant look inviting, modern and fabulous. You can use these designs to showcase your own individual taste and style. If you are in the entertainment or restaurant industries, then you probably know that your premises’ atmosphere will determine your success in this industry, hence the need to have an attractive design that brings out the theme of your restaurant or entertainment business. Here is a look at some window treatment design trends that you can utilize when deciding your home or business overall design...