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by Marcus Wise | Artists

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Gorgeous Living Room Design

by The First Ferry | Architects

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Lego Apartment Kitchen and Bathroom- Barcelona

by Barbara Appolloni Architect | Architects

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Vibrant Nature

by Rita Seixas | Artists

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Bath With Moroccan Accent

by R D | Interior designers

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Modern Bedroom Designs - Attached study and walk-in closets

by Objet d'Art PTE. LTD | Interior designers

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Furniture Overlay And Fretwork Ideas


by Deepa Raj | Interior designers

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Inspiring Tiny Home in Paris

Storage and Closets

by KitoKo Studio | Architects

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by Krishan Gupta | Artists

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by Danielle Mondet | Artists


Furniture Overlay And Fretwork Ideas

Exorbitant artifacts, the luxurious aura, the picture perfect look, that you have been bookmarking for a while can still be achieved. Yes! And guess what, the added benefits is that it does not burn a hole in your pocket. Sounds interesting, right?

Well, if you are in love with the texture, lines and geometric shapes, then overlays and fretwork, if added to the furniture can make a huge difference. A difference that will upgrade your home, as well as bring the furniture pieces into limelight.

Energy Efficient Homes and Smart Buildings Trends

In recent trends, technology has been geared towards the improvement of energy-efficient homes. Smart homes are seen as the future of architecture and the built environment.
In these cases, we are talking about reactive buildings that are operational through a system of sensors and other devices that regulate the environment we live in.
Temperature, lighting and water pressure are among many other factors that wish to be controlled in today’s smart environments.

Small Spaces and BIG IDEAS

Small apartment spaces are becoming more common in dense metropolitan cities. As young people are moving closer to the big cities, there is a higher demand for apartments and loft spaces within the downtown and inner circle parts of the cities. When rent is rising and spaces are further tightened, how can architects make good use of the area available to them?

High Decorative Ceiling - Wrought Iron Spiral Stairs

Grand foyer Victorian style lobby artistically designed ceiling, with beautifully crafted wrought iron railings, in black makes this hall way look grand. Engraved marble with black onyx compliment the spiral staircase and the high circular ceiling and molding.

Simply imagine yourself in the best of your look climbing down the stairs to greet your guests!

Luxury Bathroom Trends of 2015 Infographic

The bathroom is where many of us escape to forget the worries of the day. Why not make the bathroom all it can be and have a luxury spa experience at home? The luxury bathroom trends of 2015 embody this goal. This infographic from Steam Showers Inc explains why the following spa features will be included in the luxury bathrooms of this New Year:
Walk-in Shower: Bathroom trends are moving towards large, oversized showers with multiple shower heads and relaxing rainfall ceiling shower head features. These showers will provide a get-a-away oasis in your home.

10 Interesting Facts about Life of an Architect

The Life of an Architect : Architecture is about the making of places where people spend their lives.
Whether these are public or private spaces, architects work with a variety of massing, hierarchies of volumes, space planning, materials and façade elevations.

Integrating context and landscape further enhance their design of the architectural space. Building envelope systems and roof structures can add value and beauty to the exterior of a building, while furniture and lighting can do the same for the interior.

The creative sensibility of an architect adds value and beauty to the spaces we live in every day.