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Interior Decor Inspiration For 2017

A must read for those peeps whose daily routine consists of a list of home design reads, browsing through blogs on beautifying a space and definitely a few pages related to the same on the bookmark bar!

Since you love spending time on finding up ways to beautify your abode and keep the inspiration level high, here's a list of ideas on Spaceio.com from the designers, DIY experts! The designs that could knock anyones eyes out has been collected and pinned down here to convert any ordinary space into something extr

Shades of Rustic Brown In Desert Contemporary Residence

Contemporary desert home build by Scottsdale design firm Design Directive LLC. Natural material such as, stone, wood and copper rustic elements used throughout the house to bring the desert and rustic charm. Use of carefully selected designer rugs to cover the floors in living and bedrooms.

Desert contemporary residence bedroom design.

Gorgeous Craftsman Style Home - Durham, NC

A spectacular charming “empty nester” home that has a very spacious flow, which entertains well as well as also provides cozy living with its warm sophistication.

The home has lots of craftsman features like the low-pitched, front or side gabled roofs, dormer windows, multiple roof planes and has use of lots of wood with a very earthy mix and stone pillars. The design portrays an overall very heavy and masculine aura with a big entrance door.

The Gothic Revival Style Home | Tampa, FL

Gothic Revival home in Tampa, Florida, a gem by The Fechtel Company, which is located right on a golf course on the 18th hole. The home is perfectly situated to see golfers right from the windows!

The Gothic Revival style is majestic and pleasant with features like the steeply pitched roofs, pointed arch, decorative elements like porches, dormers, or roof gables and many more architectural features.

Painting Products - Paint Life Simpler!

When it comes to painting, one would find various topics like techniques or ways to paint, tools available for painting and so on. Also products like the drop cloths, sheeting, sealant, cleaning supplies, tape and masking, plays an equally important role, to carry out the painting process with ease.

Similarly, Zoose has come up with even a few more add on products that will make paint life simpler! The Zoose paint products develop high quality, innovative painting product

Advanced Electronic Bidets For Hi-Tech Homes

BEIR is being a leading bidet manufacturer for the past 15 years in Korea. The electric bidet seats are a daily necessity. Which people can use at home, work, and public places – a far superior hygiene solution than toilet paper, a far more comfortable experience than a traditional toilet seat. The purpose is to make it easy for people to experience a better lifestyle.

This brand is advanced in electronic bidets which is designed specifically for the North America and has manufactured for glob