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6 Hi-Tech Home Decor and Gadgets

by Deepa Raj | Interior designers

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Kids Bedroom Designs with Bold Theme

by Mariano Neila | Interior designers

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by Darshna Bhavsar | Interior designers

talent of the week

Siona Benjamin

Interior designers

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by Dabir Forte | Furniture

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by Frédéric Molé | Home Accessories

by Modern Mirrors | Furniture

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My Magic Carpet

My Magic Carpet, 2011. 12' diameter x 16' height, mixed media installation. This is an example of how paintings can be made into woven carpets. For information on purchasing this piece or to commission similar work, contact

The Four Mothers Who Entered Pardes

For artist residency at LABA 14th Street Y in New York, 2014. Four cathedral-scale mixed media panels exploring the journey of the four matriarchs as they enter Pardes. For similar work, contact

How to remove carpet and add wooden flooring

If you are planning to have new wooden flooring installed by professionals, you could save yourself a lot of money if you undertake the task of removing carpet in your home by yourself.
While removing carpet flooring can take some time and it can be a tedious and dirty task to execute, it is really an easy job and can save you a lot to have a better flooring installed by the best expert.
Time to remove the carpeting will depend on your skill and the size of the room; however, it is worth noting that the old carpet will have a lot of dust and dirt under it.
And if the carpet has suffered any water damage, there is a good chance of mold underneath it. Thus it is important to take a few precautions when removing the carpet.

Last Minute Diwali Decor - 2014

The festival of lights is here again and its time to see the streets and homes lit up and all set for the festive season.
As there is not much time left and those who haven't yet ornamented their homes can check out these last moment quick decor ideas and still manage to achieve a sparkling bright home!

Note: When you have not much time left, its always better to play with two colors instead of multiple color palette, as its time consuming to select each and everything according to the color board.
Here the color combo of red and gold has been implemented which is a sure shot way to a successful sparkling rich look decor.

How To Choose The Right Wallpaper

With the availability of thousands of wallpaper patterns, it can be a tough task to pick the right one for your abode. Of course all wallpaper looks amazing in their own way and you must be thinking with such a vast availability how the "choosing" process be a daunting one?
Well the aim here is not just to fix up the latest or hottest selling wallpaper, in fact it has got a lot more to do with how well it blends in with your space.
No matter if its a renovation work or a new home designing process, certain things should be penned down for an effortless flow.

Get Ready with Fall and Winter Decor - Bring Outdoors In

How to bring the "outdoors" in?
Here we bring 5 easy tips on how to successfully merge outdoors with indoors!
Merging the outdoors with indoors is one of the most popular interior design trends for 2014 and it doesn't look to be going anywhere soon.