Architectural Design and Facts about Pillars or Columns Structure »

The principle architecture of ancient history of construction was developed mainly on post (pillar) and lintel construction. This system of columns (pillars) and lintel was known as Trabeated construction .
As the walls were not very strong hence this pillar and lintel system was employed to provide strength to the architectural structure. Earlier pillars were strength providing element to the construction but soon series of pillar and arches became a form of construction and was almost adopted by every country & culture. (Egyptian, Greek, Roman’s, Mughal’s, Rajasthan royal dynasty construction).

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Luxurious Apartment Interiors »

Luxurious Interiors in this beautifully decorated, apartment designed and created by our team of best designers, in the area of Middle East.
The Project was undertaken and accomplished in the give budget, by our client.
We have delivered many such projects, contact us today for any of your design need.

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Ceiling Fans - Styles to match the decor »

Ceiling Fans can make your home cool with decorative flair.There are various types of designs available that will blend in any type of home decor.Before you select your fan,keep in mind the size of the room,height of the ceiling,number of blades and whether you need a light fixture along.The choice is all your!
Here are few fan designs which goes along well with the decor.Check it out and get inspired
Mounted Fan :This type of fans goes well with any light tone interiors.The light fixture on the fan gives a balanced look as it goes well with the ceiling lights.More over it adds right amount of hue required.As the decor is mostly in light color the single seater,the fire mantle and the flooring manages to give a symmetrical look and it wont make the fan look like "the odd one "out!

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Wall Mounted Office Cabinets for Home and Office »

Most of the office spaces go through the mess of paper handling, file organizing, segregating of different documents. But now no more mishandling of official papers will be seen in any office cabin or home office.
Maximize your storage space with wall-mount storage cabinets for office and get organized to move towards a clutter free office environment. Wall cabinets offer secure storage space for office supplies, documents, files and equipment without taking up valuable floor space.

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Moroccan Design - Suite »

Style-setting husband and wife duo Alberto Cortes and Yvonne Hulst from Ksar, living in Ibiza created this paradise that goes beyond the new wave of modern Moroccan minimalism.
They managed to walk the line between Zen and Morocco. This is no easy line but yet, the result is fabulous. Giving traditional about 2,20 m wide rooms this luxurious feeling is not easy but they were successful!
The house/hotel is for sale for about 1,2 million Euros and I personally think it is worth every Euro.
For more pictures on this renovation look at
Do you want to book a stay?

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