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An Aristocrat Room - With Royal Touch

by Aristocrat Interiors | Architects

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by AMBATI CHANDRA SHEKHAR | Interior designers

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Few of our Row House Projects

by Acorn | Architects

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Luna Ouyang


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by Dabir Forte | Furniture

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by Vered Ofir | Home Accessories

by NABU HOME | Furniture

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5D Decoration Murale

TIP 'ART WALL( décoration murale bois LOFT/INDUSTRIEL TYPOGRAPHIQUE) Un concept de décoration murale en lettres typographiques Modele "LOFT INDUSTRIAL NEW YORKAIS 23RD STREET crée avec une patine acier dimension 77x60cm

Natural Stone Features for Your Kitchen

Natural stone is a great feature to be used in rooms which are designed for heavy duty wear and tear, which is why kitchen countertops and kitchen backsplash are a great place to start from; especially now that almost everything in our world is replaceable and synthetic. It is good to have at least one feature which is from an all-natural source as it will make the room feel strong and sturdy.

Choosing the right stone feature is a task that is not easily completed, it will take time, and you should consider all your options and not rush into buying the cheapest one. However, take into consideration what kind of wear and tear you want to use the stone countertops for, and after that you will be able to find the best stone that is durable and sturdy enough for your needs.

Vintage fabrics for your Victorian living room

The Victorian era is ever popular when it comes to interior design, and the Downtown Abbey effect has ensured that Victorian opulence stays firmly in vogue. Victorian homes were built to be noticed and admired, so if you want to give your home the wow factor then creating a Victorian style in your home is the way to go. Focusing on the heart of your home, the living room, this article looks at vintage fabrics for your Victorian living room and how to create an authentic and stunning effect for family and friends to admire.

Retro Interior Design - Retro Design And Styles

Retro refers to any interior designing themes that are influenced by trends from the past, but commonly used to describe decor from the 1950's to 1970's. This concept will never go out of fashion or trend as it actually includes several styles and can be executed in many different ways. So if you love bright colors, wild designs, something which is loud, busy and funky then this concept is the one for you!

As this style requires a bold approach, it also requires a certain personality to pull it off well. Lets take a sneak peek on the making of this energetic style.

5 Top outstanding offices around the world

There are offices in the world you wouldn’t want to leave. So you understand what a real fantasy job is, we create a list of top outstanding offices in the world to work in. Hope you get inspired to create another one!

• Toronto, Canada “Corus Quay”

. This office is a number one in our list as it literally has it all. 50 000 square feet office is hosting 10 000 workers who used to work in 11 separate buildings.

Rendering of Living Room

Beautiful rendering of living room.
It is a successful creation of artist Carlos CArdona and Noemi Arte!