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Music Themed Outdoor Decor - Swimming Pool

by Keren Amaechi | Interior designers

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Small House Plans


by Andrea Cruz | Architects

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Cover of a Home - Exteriors by Designs


by Nora Kay | Interior designers

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Outdoor Décor: How to Create a Classy Patio


by Andrew Newitt | Prefab

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Our outdoor Landscape Projects

Outdoor and Garden

by DeFeos Landscaping | Contractors

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Garden Pathways Design Ideas & Styles

Outdoor and Garden

by Architect & Designer | Prefab


The Swimming Pool - Advantages and Disadvantages

Bringing in water features into home decors helps in the creation of a peaceful and serene space. Moreover, they add unique character to the home decor and can be effectively used to enrich modern interior design and make it appeal to all the senses.

For those homeowners who are both swimming enthusiast and would love to enhance their homes with the addition of water features may find a few pool ideas and tips here to get started.

DIY Garden Projects For Spring

Update your home and garden for spring, with bright and cheery touches around your home.
As every garden needs a little refreshment and Spring is the perfect time to start with, here are a few amazing DIY garden ideas, that homeowners can implement to bring life back to the garden.

Blue Like Me - A Film by Hal Rifken

Film maker Hal Rifken has completed a 30 min documentary titled Blue Like Me: The Art of Siona Benjamin, which opens at the film festival in New York next week. Please see ticket info and details below. Hope you all can make it!

The film opens at the Indo American Art Council Film festival in New York on May 8th at 9.30pm. Village East Cinemas. Address: 181-189, 2nd Ave New York 10003 Movie house tel: 212-529-6998

A Guide To Reducing Your Household Energy Costs In The U.K & United States

Since in a typical UK and United States household, half the money spent on fuel bills has gone towards the heating system, hence it's vital to set a process, which is cost effective and helps in the reduction of carbon dioxide emission as well.

Therefore, a guide has been prepared, in a variation from low to high cost saving tips which, if followed by the residents worldwide can bring in a difference.

How Safe Is Your Home?

Many new technologies are being introduced day by day to monitor the natural forces yet it’s impossible to master the natural forces in all their forms like rain, wind, fire, and even earth that endangers people's lives and property.

Though, disasters can strike anywhere there is often little that can be done to prevent it. Hence, people can take steps to reduce the effect that it has on themselves and their property. Therefore, it is important to know how to prepare for the numerous threats from nature and help make your home as safe as possible.

Wall Art Decor Ideas

Are you fed up with staring at your boring and empty wall, and wonder how can you fill that blank space? You might not have been aware that you are surrounded by discarding and unutilized objects that could be turned into perfect art pieces. Some are easy to make, and it won't cost you much money and time. You only need basic art or mundane supplies and simple crafting tricks to makeover your space. Add color and texture to your walls, and discover your inner artist.